25 Trips Around the Sun – Memories from the Past Year

Happy Birthday to me! I can’t believe I turned 25 today. I’m so blessed for another great year. I’ve made so many memories and had some unforgettable moments over the past year, and I wanted to look back on some of my favorites.

My 25th Birthday

Before I take a trip down memory lane, I wanted to share a little about my birthday. It was a super relaxed day, and I’m so glad I got to take time for myself and visit with family. I’m always going a thousand miles per hour, so it was nice putting on the brakes.

On my birthday last year, I recorded music at the studio, which you can read about in this blog post. Even though I wasn’t recording today, I still found a way to make it musical. I started my day with a co-write that went perfectly. Then, I had a mentor session with a platinum songwriter to talk about new songs I’ve been working on. To add to the musical fun, my piano tuner came today. I always get my piano tuned in the fall and spring, so I’m super excited to play since it’s all tuned up.

Also, I received a very special birthday graphic from my lovely team at Heart of Indie Radio. I love them all so much, and I’m so lucky to be a signed featured artist. This graphic put a smile on my face, so I wanted to share it with you.

Speaking of Heart of Indie, the incredible listeners gave me a special gift, too. My single, “Four Leaf Clover,” was voted into the Heart of Indie Top 10 again, and this time, it climbed to number 5. This is the highest placement I’ve received on the chart. I’m so glad the listeners have been enjoying “Four Leaf Clover,” and I’m so lucky and grateful it became my first top 5 song on the chart.

The rest of my birthday was pretty chill. I visited with my family and got some super special gifts. Let’s just say almost everything is either butterfly or Nashville related. Wait until you see the new outfits. I’ll definitely be wearing them at some point, so you’ll see photos.

Also, I had a delicious cupcake cake. Of course, it was butterfly themed because why not? Even my birthday cake was on brand. We love to see it. Shoutout to my mom for this one.

Demi with her 25th birthday cake

Also, you can’t see from the picture, but I’m wearing my new butterfly pajama pants that are adorable.

Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I’m so blessed for everyone in my life, and I felt so loved today.

Now, get ready to read about some special memories from the past year in chronological order.

Launching Write on Track

First, my special podcast, Write on Track, shares my birthday. Even though I released the trailer on May 19, 2021, the first episode dropped on May 30. So, that’s the show’s birthday, too.

Write on Track Artwork

This show truly has my heart. In one year, I shared 56 episodes and launched Up the Scale: A Write on Track Game Show. It’s only the beginning. Head over to the podcast page to listen to the outstanding conversations and unforgettable moments on the show.

Getting Signed as a Featured Artist with Heart of Indie Radio

The day I signed my featured artist contract with Heart of Indie Radio was a special one. I’m so honored to be a featured artist and adore the Heart of Indie Family so much.

Demi Michelle with Her Heart of Indie Radio Featured Artist Agreement

I wrote all about my journey to becoming signed in this blog post. I can’t wait for what’s next with Heart of Indie. I’m looking forward to more memories and adventures.

Releasing Dear Diary

One of the most rewarding moments of the past year was releasing my debut album, Dear Diary. This album is so close to my heart, and I’m so blessed for all the memories that came along with it.

Dear Diary Album Art

You can listen to Dear Diary on all platforms and get your very own signed copy of the album on my shop. Also, if you’d like to go behind the lyrics and learn exclusive and fun details about the songs on the album, check out this blog post.

My First Trip to Nashville

I’ll never forget my first trip to Nashville. I got to visit so many incredible places, catch up with friends, attend Andrea Stolpe’s songwriting retreat and the CMA Awards, and more.

Demi Michelle with the Steinway at RCA Studio B

I share my Nashville adventures in this blog post. It’s one of my favorites I’ve written, so I hope you enjoy reading about my trip.

My Special Morning on Bubba Show on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh

I’m still not over my morning on Bubba Show. I love 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh, and I’m forever thankful that Bubba and Melanie welcomed me onto the show for an interview and airplay of “Will I Ever.”

Demi Michelle Bubba Show Dreams Come True Graphic

You can listen to my special moment on the show here, and check out this blog post for all of the details from my magical day.

My First Songwriting Cut

As a songwriter, getting my first cut was something I worked so hard to achieve. I reached this goal during this past year with the release of “Never Add Up” by Lindsey Farrow.

I loved sharing all the details about this moment in this blog post, and I hope you enjoy it. This is only the start of what’s to come. I know I’ll have many songs I’ve written get recorded by talented artists worldwide.

My Debut Performance at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh

Since starting my songwriting journey, I’ve played live. I don’t play shows a whole lot because my passion lies with writing music. Still, I’ve had some amazing live music moments. I’ve dreamed of my first official Pittsburgh performance, and that dream came true when I played at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh.

Demi Michelle Hard Rock Cafe Graphic

I put together a blog post to remember this incredible night, and you can check it out here.

My Nominations for the Josie Music Awards.

I’m still buzzing with excitement and gratitude from my nominations for the 8th Annual Josie Music Awards. I’m nominated for Pop Artist of the Year and Pop Album of the Year for Dear Diary.

Demi Michelle Official JMAs Nominee Graphic

I seriously can’t wait to attend the awards in Nashville this October. I wrote all about what my nominations mean to me in this blog post.

Also, I already have my outfit for JMA Fest the day before the awards, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law. For my birthday, they gave me an adorable denim dress and the most fabulous cowboy boots. So, your girl is covered for the music festival. 

Memorable Days at the Vault

Finally, I have to dedicate a special part of this blog to say how blessed I feel to have spent many days at the studio this past year. Studio days are my favorite days, and I can’t put into words how much every session means to me.

Demi Michelle and Bob McCutcheon with Demi’s 100.7 Cake

I’ve created so much music this year with my producer, Bob, and friend and guitarist, Luke. I can’t wait for more studio days to come. If you’d like to read about my studio sessions, click here.

There you have it. These are some of my biggest highlights from the past year. Aside from these, I’ve had countless special moments. Thank you to everyone who was part of making this past year so memorable. I had several music releases, studio sessions, interviews, co-writes, performances, and more. Every memory holds a special place in my heart. I know I’m just getting started. I can’t wait to see what 25 has in store for me and my songwriting.

Thank you all again for the birthday wishes and your love and support. It means everything to me. Sending lots of love to all of you.