2024 ISSA Awards Finalist

This butterfly is a finalist for the 2024 ISSA Awards in five categories!

I’m beyond grateful to be a finalist for the second year in a row. This year, there were 60,000 votes, which quite literally blows my mind. My Butterflies definitely showed up in April because I wouldn’t have made it into five categories without all the love and support.

At the awards last summer, I won USA Female Album of the Year (Bronze) for It Is What It Is. If you would like to read all about my magical trip to Atlanta, check out this blog post. Being up for five awards again this year is a dream come true.

My Categories for the 2024 ISSA Awards

Since I’m so blessed to be a finalist again, I’m going to break down my categories and share what each one means to me.

Demi Michelle’s Official 2024 ISSA Awards Finalist Graphic

First, I’m a finalist for USA Female Vocalist of the Year. Growing up, I never saw myself as a singer. I was the girl who auditioned for solos in chorus and didn’t get any, even though my friends did. When I started recording music, I felt extremely self-conscious about my voice and cringed while listening to my songs. Over the past few years, I have dedicated a lot of time and energy into improving as a singer and becoming more confident in my voice. I’ve experienced such an evolution, and now, I feel like I’m creating my best music yet. So, being up for this award means the world because it gives me validation that I have undergone my own metamorphosis as a vocalist.

Second, I’m in the running for USA Female Rising Star. Since releasing my debut single in 2019, my journey as a songwriter and recording artist has flourished. I went from not getting any interviews or airplay to holding my first music award on stage in a room full of my talented peers in the independent music scene. Aside from winning my award, I have had truly magical opportunities, like getting interviewed on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh and being added to my former middle school’s Wall of Fame. I’m forever grateful for everyone who has supported me and took a chance on my music. Back in 2019, I never imagined I would be where I am now. So, being a finalist in this category has reminded me how far I’ve come and fills me with excitement for the future.

Next, “Kind Heart” made it into the finals for USA Female Single of the Year. I truly don’t have the words for this one. “Kind Heart” is one of my most vulnerable songs. One day, I was doing a lot of reflecting on kindness and how being a good person comes with its own challenges that aren’t often talked about. When the lyric, “It’s kinda hard having a kind heart,” popped into my head, I knew I had a special song on my hands. I poured so much of myself into “Kind Heart,” and I’m honestly in awe that it is being recognized in such a magical way.

I’m also a finalist for USA Female Emerging Artist. This category means so much to me because I feel like I have finally discovered who I am as an artist. When I started my songwriting journey, I only wrote pop music. Then, I started exploring country music and received some criticism for becoming a multi-genre artist. My roots will always be pop music, but I have embraced the freedom of being a multi-genre artist. Rather than forcing myself to stay in a certain box, I’m allowing myself to create the music I want to create without limitations. Along with this, I have started exploring topics in my music that I never have before, finally finding the courage to be bold, honest, and unapologetically myself through my lyrics. So, I couldn’t feel more lucky to be a finalist in this category.

Lastly, I’m over the moon that Write on Track made the finals for USA Radio Station/Podcast of the Year. When I started this show in 2021, I did so with the intent of giving others in the music industry a chance to share their stories and speak on topics they’re passionate about. Write on Track has remained an inclusive and welcoming platform for anyone in the industry who wants to join me for a genuine conversation. It blows my mind that a project I started solely to give back to the music industry has led to receiving recognition at the 2024 ISSA Awards. I’m so lucky to host this show and feel beyond honored I get to chat with so many talented individuals in the industry.

These five categories reflect my evolution as a songwriter, recording artist, vocalist, and podcast host. I’m so blessed that I get to do what I love every day and can’t thank the International Singer Songwriters Association and my Butterflies enough for believing in me and for being part of my journey.

The Awards Show

I’m delighted to share that I will be heading back to Atlanta this August to attend the 2024 ISSA Awards. I can’t wait to see everyone and make lots of memories.

Also, I’ll be taking the stage at the after party. I’m still freaking out about getting selected to perform. I already know it’s going to be a blast.

2024 ISSA Awards Graphic

I can’t express how grateful and lucky I feel. My first experience attending the awards last year was pure magic, so I seriously can’t wait to return to Atlanta this summer for another amazing weekend. Everyone’s favorite butterfly will be back in the city in a few months, and this time, I’m going for gold!