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Thank you for stopping by Amethyst Ink Editorial. My name is Demi Michelle Schwartz, and I’m a young adult fantasy and thriller author represented by Michelle Jackson at LCS Literary. I hold an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University, along with BAs in Creative Writing and Music. As an author and avid reader, I’m always immersing myself in the art of stories and strengthening my editorial vision.

A goal of mine is to always remain inclusive. I’ve worked with authors who are querying, agented, and both self and traditionally published. No matter where you are on your writing journey, I’m open to editing your work.

I focus on fiction, offering in-depth critiques of full manuscripts, opening pages, and short stories. Whether your work is middle grade, young adult, or adult, it has a home at Amethyst Ink.

My genre sweet spots are fantasy, mystery, and thriller, though I always enjoy a good contemporary, dystopian, horror, paranormal, or romance. Genres I’m not a great fit for are historical, science fiction, erotica, graphic novels, and novels in verse.

Below, please find a breakdown of my services and several testimonials from authors whose stories I’ve had the pleasure editing.


Word Count Rate: $2.50 per 1,000 words

Turn-Around Time: 10-14 days

If you have a finished full-length novel or novella and want an in-depth critique of your manuscript, this service is for you. My critique will provide feedback on both the developmental and line levels.

For developmental editing, I’ll focus on all the key story elements, including structure, plot, pacing, characterization, setting, worldbuilding, voice, and more.

On the line-editing side, I’ll focus on enhancing word choice, tightening sentences, removing unnecessary words and phrases, polishing descriptions, and improving the overall readability and flow of your prose. During this process, I’ll be sure to maintain your writing style and story’s voice.

For clarification, line editing does not focus on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Those mechanical elements are perfected during copy editing. Rather, line editing deals with the language and creative content of the manuscript.

You’ll receive comments throughout the manuscript, overall notes after each chapter, and an editorial letter highlighting the story’s strengths and areas for revision.


First 5 Pages

Flat Rate: $15

Turn-Around Time: 2-3 days

First 10 Pages

Flat Rate: $25

Turn-Around Time: 2-3 days

First 50 Pages

Flat Rate: $40

Turn-Around Time: 3-5 days

If you’re seeking feedback on the beginning of your story, you can choose from getting your first five, ten, or fifty pages critiqued. Also, you’ll receive all the perks of a full-manuscript edit, including comments in the manuscript on both the developmental and line levels, overall notes at the end of each chapter if your submission spans multiple chapters, and an editorial letter highlighting the manuscript’s strengths and areas for revision. 


Flat Rate: $30 for stories up to 5,000 words

Turn-Around Time: 3-5 days

My short story critique includes both developmental and line edits. While reading, I’ll give feedback on big-picture elements, like structure, characterization, setting, voice, and more, while also focusing on overall flow and readability at the line level. You’ll receive comments throughout the manuscript and an editorial letter highlighting the story’s strengths and areas for revision.


Duration: 30 minutes

Once you receive your edits and have time to look them over, take advantage of this special bonus to talk about your story. I truly love bouncing around ideas, working out kinks, and much more through an open conversation, since this is how undiscovered story gems can surface. This bonus is for all projects.


Simply send an email to with your chosen editorial service. I can’t wait to work with you.

Please note, no manuscripts written with the assistance of AI will be accepted.


Gabi – YA Dark Fantasy

Demi’s feedback for my manuscript has transformed it completely. She thought of ways to help push the plot forward that fit well with the story, while keeping my characters’ personalities and motives in mind. 

She went into detailed feedback for every chapter, while also leaving comments throughout chapters in specific spots that she either loved, or believed could be improved. She offered a great balance of positive and critical feedback. Demi’s care and passion for my story really shone through her comments.

I am beyond thrilled with her feedback and highly recommend her for developmental feedback and line editing!

Haley – YA Contemporary

Demi was super sweet and genuine to work with, and very helpful and encouraging when it came to suggestions for my manuscript. She had a quick turnaround time yet was very efficient with the edits and suggestions she made, which was something I appreciated. I really felt like my story was important to her. Not only did she point out the areas that needed work, but she also gave me praise for the strengths in my writing and made comments on the things she loved about my story. 

Her editorial vision gave me a fresh perspective and made going into my revision something I was excited about, instead of something I was dreading. I am so grateful I got a chance to work with Demi, and I will definitely be considering her for future edits.

Viviana – Adult Psychological Thriller

Demi was so kind to provide me with feedback on both my query and first pages, which as you all know, are essential to the submission package for agents in the querying process! She not only gave me very kind comments on what she really liked, but most importantly, constructive criticism based on her editing and writing feedback, along with her first hand knowledge of the industry and what agents look for.

Her edits and insight made my query and first pages glow with an understanding of what works, what doesn’t, how to rearrange chapters for max effect, and how to make the query pop even more. Her feedback on how to get in the character’s head even more and not break the fourth wall was also invaluable and something my other beta readers did not catch before. All in all, she is amazing and I highly recommend her!

Rachael – YA Fantasy Novella

Demi was a dream to work with. Her insights were spot on, and she conveyed them in such a clear and positive way. I sent her the second draft of my story and asked for help on the character arcs. Not only did she note inconsistencies in the characters and world-building, but she also pointed out wording errors and crutch phrases and gave suggestions for stronger alternatives. 

She was also very encouraging and supportive, giving as many compliments as suggestions, and I felt like she really got what I was trying to do even in such an early draft. She understood my vision and gave me the steps to make it a reality. I’ve never been more excited to start revisions!

Maddy – Speculative Short Story

Demi knows how to edit on both a macro and micro level. Her macro editing is thought provoking. She asks questions and makes suggestions that help deepen the context of the story and clarify any plot issues. Her line editing not only cleans up the writing, but provides insight into things to consistently keep an eye out for in later writing.

Demi gives clear and constructive feedback, while also celebrating triumphs. She mentions when something works well and makes it clear when she wants more of something that’s good. There’s a reason I ask Demi for critiques on my short stories and it’s because I always get great edits back.

Nicole – Adult Mystery

Demi was a beta reader for my first novel, and I found her feedback incredibly helpful, both on the big picture and line editing aspects. For developmental edits, she provided very useful feedback on improving the character development for the character who I had struggled most with.

On the line editing side, she very patiently removed about 100 unnecessary adverbs from my draft! She also provided useful suggestions to help make my descriptions more specific, and did a great job calling out words / phrases I used too often.

Lastly, I appreciated Demi’s positive reinforcement as well – she took the time to insert comments where she felt the dialogue, scene descriptions, etc. were especially strong. This helped me move forward confidently to the next phase of self-publishing. 

Sophia – YA Dystopian Fantasy

Demi beta-read my debut manuscript in March 2023. It was the first time I shared my manuscript with anyone outside my immediate family/friend circle and I was super nervous about it.

All I can say is that without Demi’s sharp perspective, dedicated line-edits and overall structural comments, my manuscript would never have achieved its true potential. She immediately saw things about my plot twists that needed amending, and also very quickly grasped the essence of my main characters, helping me write a story that is both true to my vision, true to my characters and conforms with market expectations.

If you’re feeling stuck with your manuscript, and need a fresh pair of eyes and some key actionable feedback (alongside some great fan-girling), I would recommend you contact Demi.

Colin – Horror Short Story

Demi brought her talented and finely-honed critical eye to one of my short stories. Not only did she provide insightful feedback on its themes and potential ways to improve their strength, but she also highlighted areas that she thought worked, giving me the confidence to trust my intuition.

Also, Demi provided her feedback quickly and thoroughly, never missing a thing. Her communication was always kind and supportive, and I would not hesitate to work with her again on my fiction. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Sally – YA Contemporary Fantasy

Demi Schwartz did an excellent job in editing my novel, The Werecat Chronicles. Her developmental editing skills are exceptional. She helped me iron out plot problems and character motivation, as well as pointing out logic and continuity lapses. She pointed out areas where my main character needed to demonstrate more feeling, by showing, rather than telling.

Her line editing skills are also outstanding. She helped me restructure sentences and made suggestions for better meaning and comprehension. Demi helped me to correct my dialogue, making it more concise and snappy, Demi’s knowledge of grammar and punctuation helped me immensely. I’m really thankful to Demi for helping me sharpen the vision I had for my novel.

Kimberly – YA Thriller

If you’re looking for someone to help you revise your work, Demi is a great choice! She leaves encouraging and helpful comments as she reads, as well as useful end of chapter comments. She’s also skilled at reading for details and able to find inconsistencies that others miss. Demi has the background and experience to help take your draft to the next level, but also the enthusiasm to make you excited to start revisions!

Vicki – Adult Mystery

Demi is a thoughtful and thorough editor. She is especially helpful when it comes to emotion in a manuscript. Another trait I appreciated was her timeliness in returning comments.