About The Author

Demi Michelle Schwartz Author Graphic

Demi Michelle Schwartz is an author from Pittsburgh, PA. She’s loved reading Young
Adult Mysteries and Thrillers from a young age, and she’s inspired by the work of Sara Shepard
and Karen M. McManus. Being drawn to these thrilling and twisty novels for the YA audience
eventually led her to step into the shoes of an author herself.
There’s something so enchanting about these stories that pulls her in, beyond the clues,
red herrings, and dangerous twists and turns. She’s drawn in by the realism and truth that these
stories are ones that could happen. There’s so much to be gleaned from the way protagonists act
and react in the face of danger and how a complex puzzle can lead to justice being served or the
lingering feeling of the world still being slightly off-balance. So much can be learned about the
human condition from these stories, and Demi continues to explore this concept both as a reader
and author of crime fiction.
Demi earned both a BA in Creative Writing and BA in Music at Seton Hill University in
Greensburg, PA. With encouragement from her undergraduate English professors, she went on to
pursue her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill and graduated with her degree in June
of 2022. She has finished writing her debut YA Mystery novel and is currently seeking
When Demi isn’t revising her second novel, a YA Psychological Thriller, she’s busy
chasing her other dream as a songwriter. Her creativity knows no bounds because along with
being a creative writer and songwriter, she’s the host of her own podcast, Write on Track: A
Songwriting Podcast.
Whether Demi is writing a full-length novel or crafting her next song, she always aims to
inspire and encourage others to shoot for the stars.