Prolific Pop & Country Songwriter

“Just remember that life is never crystal clear, but in time, just like every memory, it will all come into focus.”

~ Demi Michelle - Into Focus

About Demi

Heartfelt, charismatic, and unique are three words used by reviewers to describe Demi Michelle’s music. She turns her life experiences into songs that touch the hearts of her listeners through captivating storytelling in her lyrics. Her creativity and love for both pop and country music drive her passion for writing meaningful songs with melodies that wrap each song’s message in the warmest hug. She greatly looks up to Julia Michaels, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift, three incredible songwriters who share their stories in raw and truthful ways. Demi strives to remain honest and authentic as a songwriter in her own music and during her collaborations with other songwriters and artists.

Demi pieced together her songwriting passion over the years. She began piano lessons in fifth grade, took voice lessons in high school, and learned guitar while in college. Also being a creative writer and in graduate school for her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, Demi is always finding ways to blend her musical talent and storytelling in powerful ways.

Demi kicked off her journey in 2019 with her debut single, “Into Focus,” and followed after with “All I Want This Christmas” and “LA Will Wait for Me.” On May 21, 2021, Demi released “Will I Ever.” This is the lead single off her debut album, Dear Diary, which is coming on October 15. Demi thinks of the song as entry one from the musical pages of Dear Diary. In “Will I Ever,” Demi shows that she’s not afraid to be vulnerable in her music. The song found a home on many radio stations and shows and has been embraced worldwide. The song charted on radio stations as well, including climbing to number two on the New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio and number eight on the Heart of Indie Radio Top 10.

Demi released another entry from her musical diary on August 20. “Find Love,” the second single off the album, is an acoustic-pop song with a country flavor. This song highlights Demi’s passion for writing authentic music with meaningful storytelling. Like “Will I Ever,” “Find Love” captures Demi’s feelings about falling in love, but this song brings a hopeful quality to the lyrics. Demi is looking forward to sharing the rest of the story when Dear Diary releases in October.

"Into Focus" Lyric Video

Demi Michelle is always looking for ways to interact with her fans and make them part of her songwriting journey. For the one-year anniversary of “Into Focus,” she shared a special handwritten lyric video that features handwritten lyrics by her fans, friends, and family.