My Cover Story in the Penn-Franklin News for My ISSA Awards Win

Well, Butterflies, I received such a surprise in my mailbox today. My ISSA Awards win made it into the Penn-Franklin News, and guess who’s on the front cover. Me!

Winning the bronze award for USA Female Album of the Year at the International Singer Songwriters Association (ISSA) Awards on August 5 was a dream come true, and I shared the highlights from my trip to Atlanta in this blog post. Since then, I’ve gotten many wonderful opportunities, from interviews to airplay on several radio stations. Getting featured in my local newspaper is quite literally one of the coolest career moments I’ve had so far.

My Cover Story in the Penn-Franklin News

After I submitted an article about winning my first music award for consideration, I didn’t know what would happen. I’ve learned many things from being in the music industry for almost four years now, and a huge one is not having high expectations. Sure, it’s important to dream big and shoot for the stars, but expectations, especially when the outcome is beyond control, lead to disappointment if they’re not met. So, I sent off my article and hoped to be featured in the Penn-Franklin News. About a week after I did so, I landed on the front cover.

I truly can’t thank the staff enough for publishing my article. That alone would’ve meant everything to me, but having the photo of me with my ISSA Awards crystal on the cover? Wow!

Of course, I took a picture with the newspaper.

Demi Michelle is sitting on her piano bench holding the Penn-Franklin News, featuring her on the front cover. Her ISSA Awards crystal is on the piano.

I’m blessed for all the love I receive from across the world, but getting support from my hometown is extra special. Last year, my amazing morning as the first artist for the Bubba Show Live and Local Music Spotlight on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh made me feel seen by my city in such a magical way. I wrote all about that unforgettable day in this blog post. Now, my feature in the Penn-Franklin News is another one of those special moments.

I feel like the box my crystal came in is turning into a treasure chest, since I’ve added my cover feature and article to my ISSA Awards collection. These past few weeks have been fabulous, and I’m so thankful for everyone who has continued to celebrate this milestone with me. I love you all.