My Magical Moment on Bubba Show on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh

I can’t put into words how blessed and grateful I feel. One of my biggest dreams came true today. I had the absolute honor of being invited to be the very first artist for the Bubba Show Live and Local Music Spotlight on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh. I’ll never forget this moment.

Demi Michelle’s Bubba Show Dreams Come True Graphic

Being on Bubba Show was so surreal because I grew up listening to the show and still do. Bubba and Melanie are two of the sweetest people in the world, and getting the chance to talk to them was so special. Ever since I started releasing music, I dreamed of the day when I would hear one of my songs played on my hometown station. Today went beyond my wildest dreams. I actually got to do an interview, along with “Will I Ever” being played. I swear I’ll never, ever get over how perfect this experience was.

My Special Moment on Bubba Show

Every time I listen back to my interview and hear my reaction to “Will I Ever” getting played, the magic hits me all over again. I’m so grateful that I have a recording of my moment on the show to keep forever.

Bubba and Melanie truly made me feel like part of the 100.7 STAR family. The interview was so much fun, and hearing “Will I Ever” brought me to tears. One of my favorite parts was getting to chat with them off-air during the station breaks. I honestly felt like I was talking to two friends, and it was such a blast.

During the interview, I talk about how I got started in music, my music style, songwriting inspiration, recording at the Vault, and of course, how wild it was being on the show and hearing “Will I Ever.”

Listen to my magical moment on Bubba Show here!

I truly can’t thank Bubba and Melanie enough for having me. It was a dream come true. Feeling so much love and support from my hometown means the absolute world to me.

The Studio Celebration

Today was really my lucky day because I had a studio session scheduled for a few weeks before I got invited on Bubba Show. So, of course, we had a little celebration. My mom got an adorable cake made for us to have after I finished recording.

Demi Michelle’s 100.7 Cake

I’m so glad I was able to celebrate my big moment with my producer, Bob. I would’ve never been on Bubba Show without him. I love getting to create my music with Bob, and he has supported me so much since I started working with him in the fall of 2019. I couldn’t be happier with my music, and that’s all thanks to him. “Will I Ever” is one of our favorite songs of mine, so I’m super happy that’s the song that got played on Bubba Show.

Demi Michelle and Bob McCutcheon with Demi’s 100.7 Cake

Today was one of the best days of my life. It showed me that dreams really do come true and that hard work pays off. Up to this point, I have done all of my networking and marketing by myself. Songwriting is my passion, and over the past two years, I’ve done everything I could to improve my craft and educate myself about the music business. Getting welcomed onto one of Pittsburgh’s Top 40 radio stations with open arms and knowing my own dedication to my music got me here is so rewarding.

I’ll never stop thanking Bubba and Melanie for giving me this opportunity and making my dream come true. It’s not every day a girl with a dream gets to be on the radio station she has listened to practically her whole life. This was the perfect way to start 2022, and I’m forever thankful. I love my hometown, and I love the Bubba Show family so much. Today, I felt like a shining star on 100.7 STAR.