“Will I Ever” and Many Marvelous Moments – May 2021 Wrap

Wow, May was the most marvelous month so far this year. It’s truly wild how everything is falling into place. A lot of the highlights from this month were totally unexpected and incredible surprises. With the release of “Will I Ever,” continued success of “LA Will Wait for Me,” and a studio session and launching Write on Track on my birthday, I can honestly say this was the best May of my life.

May was “Will I Ever” Release Month

On May 21, I released “Will I Ever.” This is the lead single off my upcoming debut album, Dear Diary. I love this song so much, and I’m so happy it’s out. Download and stream “Will I Ever” here, and read this blog post to go behind the lyrics.

May Interviews and Reviews

May was full of so many incredible interviews and reviews. First, I did an interview with BuzzMusic and received a fabulous review for “LA Will Wait for Me.” Check out the review and my interview here.

Next, my interview with Country Music Views was released. I talk about “LA Will Wait for Me,” my songwriting inspirations, and more. Read the interview here.

I had the absolute honor of being on an episode of Weekdays with Murph. Cody is one of the kindest people in the music industry, and I had the most fun ever chatting with him about music and much more. Listen to my interview here.

Also, I had the most fun ever doing two interviews on Heart of Indie Radio. My first one aired on the Eddie & Emme Show the weekend before “Will I Ever” released, and I had so much fun talking to Eddie. He has become such a special mentor over the past few weeks. Also, Emme, Avery, and the rest of the team are some of the kindest and most caring people ever. You can listen to my interview from the Eddie & Emme Show on Spotify here, and it’s also on all other platforms.

My second Heart of Indie Radio interview dropped on “Will I Ever” release day. I was part of the first episode of a three-week series celebrating Woodstock on the Memphis Show. It was truly an honor to be part of the show, and I’m grateful for Eddie giving me this opportunity. In the interview, I share the story of “Will I Ever,” how I’d feel about performing during Woodstock if I got transported back to 1969, and more. You can listen to my interview on the Memphis Show on Spotify here, and it’s also on all other platforms.

Next, I loved doing an interview with COOL TOP20 for “Will I Ever” ahead of release. I share what the lyrics mean to me, how I felt leading up to release day, and the story behind the artwork. Read the interview here.

On “Will I Ever” release day, Jess shared an incredible review of the song on Fierce & Fabulous Revolution. She has supported me ever since “Into Focus.” I feel so lucky to call her one of my friends from the UK. Read her review of “Will I Ever” here.

One of the most fun experiences I’ve had so far was being a guest on Unsigned with Paul Miles on the Beach Radio. I love the show and listen every Saturday, so being on it for my very own special was… super special. See what I did there? I talk about “LA Will Wait for Me” and “Will I Ever,” share details about my album, and much more. Paul also asked me how far Pittsburgh is from LA, and though I guessed on the spot, I was spot on. Yes, that pun was intended! Listen to my full interview here.

Last but certainly not least, I did an interview for Encore Pop & Influencer about “Will I Ever.” This was such a fun interview to do, and you can read it here.

Charts, Charts, and More Charts

I’m completely mind-blown over the chart placements both “Will I Ever” and “LA Will Wait for Me” have received. After entering the New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio at number 5 last month, LA peaked at number 4 on May 2. It’s still on the chart and currently sits at number 12. Speaking of this chart, “Will I Ever” entered the chart at number 21 on May 30. With both songs on the chart, I made history by being the first artist to have two songs on the chart at the same time. How cool is that? I can’t even wrap my head around this.

Next, here comes something that was truly the most incredible surprise. On May 8, Paul did a top 10 countdown of the most requested songs on Unsigned. This means the top 10 requested songs throughout the whole show since it started two years ago. LA charted at number 3. At this point, it hadn’t even been out for two months. The amount of requests LA got in such a short period of time to make it chart that high is completely wild. Paul is one of my favorite radio presenters, and this was a moment I will never forget.

The last weekend of May was fabulous. On May 28, LA got its first number 1 on Indie Country Radio, which was fan voted. This was seriously the coolest, and I’m still not over it. Also, on May 29, “Will I Ever” charted at number 10 on both the Heart of Indie Radio Top 10 and the Dirt Road Risers Countdown presented by Music City Memo on Dirt Road FM. 

I honestly don’t know how exactly charts work, but this has been such a fantastic month. I’m so thankful for every single person who has listened to my songs, requested and voted for them, and all around showed them so much love. Also, I’m sending hugs to all my radio presenter friends.

All the Airplay

Both “LA Will Wait for Me” and “Will I Ever” are getting so much airplay, I’m starting to lose track. I want to thank all the stations and shows that have played my songs in May. They are Unsigned with Paul Miles on the Beach Radio, Steve Garnett’s New Music Radio Show, Steve Garnett’s Indie Afternoon, and the New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio, Heart of Indie Radio, Folk & Indie Belles on Belter Radio, An A to D of Indie on Windrush Radio, New Country Sunday Night on MJM Strategies Radio, the Live Country Sessions Radio Show, The Alpha Sessions on Potters Bar Radio, Indie Country Radio, Let’s Go Country with Ray Phillips on Fresh Gold Radio, KB Radio Canada, and Prospect Radio. I don’t think I forgot anyone. If another station played one of my songs that I’m not aware of, I love you, too!

I’m grateful for every single one of those shows and stations for playing my music. Every time one of my songs airs, it’s just as magical as the first time.

The Wild Spotify Stats

First, LA hit 10,000 streams on May 12, exactly two months after release. I’ll also add that since 512 is my lucky number, May 12 is one of my favorite days of the year. Then, LA hit 11,000 on May 30, my birthday. The timing of both of these was absolutely golden. I’m still shocked it has this many streams. Listen to LA on Spotify.

Next, “Will I Ever” passed 1,000 streams on my birthday, too. The song hasn’t even been out two weeks, yet. I’m so beyond grateful. Listen to “Will I Ever” on Spotify.

“Will I Ever” also got added to some fabulous playlists over the past few weeks. Among these are NuShe – May 21, 2021, Best New Releases 15th to 21st May 21, Women Rock Country on New Music Friday 21 May 2021, New Music Weekly – Belles and Gals, and My First Song Monday.

Also, LA got added to playlists as well. It’s on both show playlists for New Country Sunday Night from May 2 and May 23 and the SW20 Country Birthday Playlist.

My Birthday Studio Session

While both “LA Will Wait for Me” and “Will I Ever” were hitting Spotify milestones and charting on the New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio, I was in the studio for a ten-hour session. It was truly the most special birthday. The Vault is my second home, and Bob and Luke are two of my favorite people on the planet. Spending my birthday making music was magical. Read all about the session in this blog post.

Write on Track: A Songwriting Podcast Launched

I wrapped up May by launching my podcast, Write on Track: A Songwriting Podcast, on my birthday. I’ve wanted to have my own songwriting podcast for forever. I kicked off the adventure with one of my best friends and LA co-writer, Madison, for the first episode, “The Gift of Songwriting.” Head over to my podcast page to learn more about Write on Track and listen to the podcast.

So, there you go. These are the May highlights. I’m so blessed for every single opportunity presented to me. May was golden, and I’ll always have this blog to look back on all the marvelous moments. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next on my songwriting journey!