“Will I Ever” – Behind the Lyrics

“Will I Ever,” entry one from the musical pages of Dear Diary, is out now! I couldn’t be more excited this song is finally here. It’s so special to me, and I’m going to dive into all the details. 

“Will I Ever” is truly a piece of my story, and you can listen to it here.

The “Will I Ever” Behind the Lyrics Video

I filmed a special behind the lyrics video to bring you into the story behind “Will I Ever.” This is my most vulnerable song yet, and it means so much to me. In the song, I ask, “Will I ever know how it feels to fall in love?” That’s a question I toss around in my minda lot. The truth is, some questions simply don’t have easy answers. That’s just a part of life. No matter what you’re struggling with, I hope you know you’re not alone on your journey.

Learn more about “Will I Ever” by watching the behind the lyrics video!

Hear the first piece of the story in the “Will I Ever” Behind the Lyrics Video.

The Production of “Will I Ever”

I couldn’t be happier with how “Will I Ever” turned out. Working on this song with my producer, Bob, was such a blast. When I wrote it with my guitar, I initially envisioned it as an acoustic pop song. As time went on, I decided I wanted this song to reflect my favorite style of contemporary pop music. That being said, I love “Will I Ever” acoustic so much that there will be an acoustic version on my album as a bonus track. I’m grateful that I was able to play an active role in the production process, which is so important to me.

The Meaning Behind the Artwork

The “Will I Ever” artwork is my favorite so far because it’s super meaningful and symbolic. To me, butterflies are good luck. Also, they’re a metaphor for hope and happiness. I wanted the whole release to be intertwined with butterflies. The beginning of the second verse of “Will I Ever” says, “I fall for dreams, trust butterflies, keep counting my clouds, but they don’t add to nine.” It was so awesome to take photos in front of a butterfly wall during the shoot. The picture on the artwork, along with the other butterflies, really brings out the butterfly theme.

Next, blue is the perfect color. Aside from it being the color of the sky, also tying into the butterflies, it’s the color of inspiration. When I close my eyes and imagine what color best represents “Will I Ever,” blue comes to mind.

Also, the artwork looks like it’s a page out of a notebook. This is extremely symbolic. My album is called Dear Diary, and I think of “Will I Ever” as entry one from the musical pages of Dear Diary. This song is the first piece of the story, so I wanted that concept to be reflected in the artwork.

I love the artwork so much. I feel like it really captures the concept of the song. Huge thank you to my photographer, Angela, and graphic designer, Lily, for helping me capture “Will I Ever” in such a special way!

Now that “Will I Ever” is out, my first official era has begun. Dear Diary is coming in the fall. While you wait for the rest of the story, listen to “Will I Ever!”