Sparkling Memories as Bright as Rhinestones – February 2023 Wrap

February unfolded into such a fun month. I honestly feel like time passed slowly this month, which is an odd feeling because lately, months have been flying by in the blink of an eye. I made a variety of memories during February, from a fun studio day to celebrating Write on Track hitting 100 episodes and much more. I can’t wait to share the highlights.

My Fun February Studio Session

My session on February 11 was my first of 2023, and I had the most fun. Nothing makes me happier than recording at the Vault. During the session, I finished three songs and almost wrapped up a fourth. My session was productive as always, and I’m loving all the music I’m working on this year.

Demi Michelle and Bob McCutcheon at the February Session

As always, I wrote a special blog post all about the session, where I share exclusive details about the songs I recorded, some release plans, and more. Definitely check that out here.

I hope I go back to the Vault sooner rather than later. My next session will be a shorter one, so I can finish a couple songs before starting new material. I can’t wait for this day because I know it’ll be another memorable session.

The Official Lyric Video for “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky”

While I was recording on February 11, I dropped the “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky” lyric video to celebrate my EP, It Is What It Is, being out for three months. Also, the timing was perfect, since Valentine’s Day was only three days later. I hope you love the lyric video as much as I do.

“I Hope You Know You’re Lucky” is close to my heart, and it’s become the most popular song on my EP over the past few months. I can’t thank my producer, Bob McCutcheon, and musicians, Luke Wood, Sophia Elliott, and Jason Dunkle, enough for helping me bring this song to life. 

My graphic designer, Eddie Davis, did a beautiful job with this lyric video. He truly captured the message and emotion of the song in such a special way. I’m beyond happy this video is out, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky.”

“I Hope You Know You’re Lucky” on the Heart of Indie Top 10

I’m so honored that “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky” has held a spot in the Heart of Indie Top 10 for five weeks in a row. It’s currently sitting at number 7. I’m so thankful for all the listeners and my Butterflies for voting every week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sixth week because staying in the chart for six weeks with the same song is a huge accomplishment. I’ll have to wait and see what happens in March.

Mixing Things Up as a Guest Co-Host on the European Show

I always have the best time guest co-hosting shows on Heart of Indie Radio. I usually hop on Hearts of Nashville, but this time, Eddie had me on the European Show. I love this show because dance music is one of my favorite genres, though I don’t focus on it as an artist myself. 

I had a lot of fun picking more than half the tracks for the show and chatting with Eddie about the songs, recording dance-pop music, and more. The show is available on MixCloud, so definitely give it a listen.

Every time I guest co-host a show, I become more comfortable with the whole process. I love stepping into the shoes of a radio personality, and I’m thankful Eddie and the rest of the Heart of Indie team give me opportunities to do so. I’m excited for more radio show memories to come.

100 Episodes of Write on Track

This month, Write on Track hit 100 episodes. I can’t believe I reached this milestone in less than two years. This show has become extremely special to me, and it’s been magical watching it blossom into what it is today. Obviously, I got a cake to celebrate this moment.

Demi with her Write on Track 100 episodes cake

Also, I wrote a blog post all about the show hitting 100 episodes, and you can check that out here

I’m beyond excited to see where the show goes in the future. Thank you to everyone who has been a guest, listened, and shared. The support means the world to me. I’m already booked into May at the moment, so more unforgettable conversations are on their way.

The Denim and Rhinestones Tour

I’m still on a high from Carrie Underwood’s concert on February 25. Going to the show was a total surprise. My dad got tickets for my mom and me the day before, and let’s just say, if you have the chance to attend a show during the Denim and Rhinestones Tour, or see Carrie live at any time, I highly, highly recommend you do.

Demi at Carrie Underwood’s Denim and Rhinestones Tour

When I attended the CMA Awards in 2021, Carrie performed “If I Didn’t Love You” with Jason Aldean, and I was blown away, since that was my first time seeing her live. I loved going to one of Carrie’s own concerts, and Jimmie Allen was the perfect opening act. Not including the CMA Awards, this was my first country music concert. I couldn’t have attended a more outstanding show to kick off my country music tours. I’ve gone to more concerts than I can count, and the Denim and Rhinestones Tour definitely makes my top five of all time. I’ll never forget this night.

A Morning of Pottery at Brushes & Beans Cafe

The morning of Carrie’s concert, my mom and I went to Brushes & Beans Cafe. I got to be a different kind of artist while I painted my butterfly box. Yes, a butterfly box. And yes, I wore my hoodie. Don’t be surprised.

Demi with her butterfly box at Brushes & Beans Cafe

I seriously can’t wait to get my butterfly box in a few weeks once it’s fired in the kiln. I wonder what I’ll keep inside of it.

Writing for Scarlet River PR’s Blog

I’ve known Rachel from Scarlet River PR for years, and I reached out about possibly joining the team to write for the blog. I was delighted when Rachel said she’d love to have me. Writing and music are my two passions, so I’m thankful I’ll be submitting articles for the blog each month.

My first article got published in February. It’s the first in a three-part mini series about podcasting in the music industry. You can read it here.

I’m beyond excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to share more content in the months to come.

My Author Journey Updates

February turned into a fantastic month for my author journey. Last month, I connected with another author to swap manuscripts for beta reading and edits. We finished reading each other’s books and met on Zoom to chat about our stories and feedback. I enjoyed this so much and can’t wait to dive deeper into her comments on my manuscript.

Around this time, I connected with another author who is a graduate from the same MFA program as me. We decided to swap manuscripts, too. Once we finish edits, we’re going to meet on Zoom as well. I believe that revisions are extremely important, so I’m looking forward to sorting through both authors’ notes while I revise my book. My goal is to start revisions in March.

Also, I wrote another short story for the magazine I started submitting to in January. This story is different from anything I’ve ever written, and I’m loving every second of writing outside my comfort zone. Whether one of my stories gets published or not, writing short stories every month, while I work on my novel manuscripts, will allow me to grow. As with any art, the best way to improve as a writer is to engage with the craft as much as possible. I’m glad I stumbled upon this magazine because crafting new stories has become something I look forward to each month.

Since I’m still querying another manuscript, these other projects allow me to stay creative and remind me why I love writing so much. The querying process can be rough at times, but it’s important to remember why I’m pushing my work in the first place. Returning to the roots, my love for creative writing keeps me going when querying weighs me down. One day, I hope all my hard work leads to my dreams coming true.

Looking Ahead to March

I already know March is going to have magical moments. I’m seeing Kelsea Ballerini live for the first time on her Heartfirst Tour on March 18. I can’t put into words how excited I am. There’s a 100 percent chance I’m going to cry. Also, I’m releasing my first single of 2023, “Fantasy,” on March 23. After performing this song live for years, I’m excited to finally share the studio recording. I’m counting down the days to both of these moments.

I love dedicating time to both my music and author journeys. I’m staying creative all the time, and though being a songwriter and author takes a lot of commitment, I have fun every day.

Though I already have some March plans, I’m sure there are surprises to come. I’m looking forward to another month full of memories and unforgettable moments.