A Fabulous February Session to Kick Off My 2023 Studio Days

My ten-hour session today was the most fun way to kick off my 2023 studio days. Bob and I were ridiculously productive as always. We finished three songs and got a ton done for a fourth. Also, I started recording pop music again, and it felt amazing. I literally had the best time, so I’m excited to reveal all I recorded today.

Wrapping Up “Future of Yesterday” and “If I Die Young”

In my December session, I almost finished “Future of Yesterday” and “If I Die Young,” so I started the day by wrapping up these two. After making small tweaks to the instrumentation for “Future of Yesterday,” I recorded background vocals. As I anticipated, this song didn’t need a ton of background vocals. Bob and I found the best places for them, and this song was done in no time. “Future of Yesterday” will be on my next project, so I’m delighted this one is finished being recorded.

After wrapping up “Future of Yesterday,” I recorded vocals for my rendition of “If I Die Young.” I’ve covered this song since I was an undergrad in college, so it felt surreal to sing it in the studio. I made melodic and harmonic choices that are different from the original, and as a whole, my rendition is unique and shows my artistic style. Once I finished vocals, Bob and I were talking about getting the pedal steel to finish the song, then practically on cue, the musician sent us the tracks for pedal steel. He didn’t even know I was recording today, so that was a total coincidence. Bob and I went through the tracks and selected what we wanted to include, and just like that, “If I Die Young” was done. I love my rendition so much, and I’m definitely releasing it this year.

Finishing “Future of Yesterday” and “If I Die Young” was the perfect way to start the day. With more than half of the session left, it was time to start new pop music.

Spooky and Mysterious Vibes with “Quiet”

“Quiet” is hands down one of my favorite songs I’ve written and definitely the most unique. It’s spooky, mysterious, and creative. I wrote this song last spring, so it felt fantastic to finally record it. Spoiler alert, Bob and I finished the whole thing. No surprise there.

I started by recording the piano. I decided to play on the keyboard this time because I wanted a certain dark sound for the piano. It sounds so eerie. Definitely the vibes from a scary movie. It’s literally perfect. From the piano, Bob and I layered other instruments. We added percussive and melodic sounds, cello plucks because obviously, a super cool synthy pad, and percussion. The instrumentation is simple but extremely effective. The track sounds beyond cool and like nothing I’ve done before.

Recording vocals for “Quiet” won the award for most creative vocals I’ve done on a song. The song is called “Quiet,” so obviously, a lot of the vocals are airy and whispery. There are a ton of background vocals and harmonies. I even recorded an actual “shhh” at the beginning. Paired with the track Bob and I produced, the vocals capture the song’s mood and make it atmospheric. Every aspect of “Quiet,” from the lyrics and melody to the chords, production, and vocals, radiates intention. 

“Quiet” will be on my next project. It’s truly one of a kind, and I’m glad I chose this one to kick off my return to pop music. For now, I’ll obsess over the rough mix on my phone and count down the days until this one gets mixed and mastered.

“Rain on My Parade” Earns Bop Status

I wrapped up the session by producing the track for “Rain on My Parade.” This song is a total bop, and I had a blast working on it with Bob.

“Rain on My Parade” has a strong emphasis on percussion. We started by layering various drums in rhythmic patterns on top of a deep bass sound that’s the foundation of the song. Then, we added additional elements from there, like piano, a unique pad with motion, some snaps and claps, and this super cool melodic instrument that gives chime vibes. Also, Bob found rain for us to add at the beginning. That’s right, it sounds like it’s raining. Everything about “Rain on My Parade” is golden.

It was so cool hearing “Rain on My Parade” come to life. The track sounds fantastic, and it’s the perfect foundation to record vocals over. “Rain on My Parade” will be on my next project, too. I can’t wait to finish this one.

Demi Michelle and Bob McCutcheon at the February session

Plans for My Next Session

Right now, I only have to record vocals for two songs, “Rain on My Parade” and “Kind Heart,” which I started in December. I originally planned on finishing “Kind Heart” today, but the timing didn’t feel right. It’s one of my favorite songs and super emotional, so I want to be sure I sing it when I’m in the right headspace.

Since I only have vocals left for these two songs, my next session will be shorter. I want to wrap up these ones before doing more new music. Also, I’m in the process of writing songs, so this will give me time to choose which I want to record. In the meantime, Bob will start working on mixes for the songs that I’m going to release as singles over the next few months, which are “Fantasy” and “If I Die Young.”

So, that’s a wrap. Another studio day is in the books. I love all my new music, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these songs.

I’m already looking forward to my next studio day and hope it’s sooner rather than later. If you’d like to read about my other sessions, check out my studio stories and enjoy.