“Find Love” and More Fabulous Memories – August 2021 Wrap

Demi Michelle at Keystone State Park

August was such a fabulous month. Along with releasing “Find Love,” I have so many memories to look back on. The Release of “Find Love” “Find Love,” the second single off of my album, Dear Diary, released on August 20. I’m so glad this entry from my musical diary is out. You can download and…

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My “Kickstart Your Songwriting 555 Challenge” Experience with the Songwriting Academy

When I came across the “Kickstart Your Songwriting 555 Challenge” with the Songwriting Academy, I knew right away I wanted to be part of it. Thanks to Martin Sutton and other hit songwriters, my week was unforgettable. I wanted to share my experience and biggest take aways from the “Kickstart Your Songwriting 555 Challenge.” What…

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