My Nominations for the 9th Annual Josie Music Awards

Since I got a special letter in the mail today, I thought it was the perfect time to finally share some exciting news. I’m beyond grateful to announce I’m nominated for three categories at the 9th Annual Josie Music Awards. That’s one more than last year!

Demi Michelle and her sister Chelsea before the JMAs in 2022

The Josie Music Awards in 2022 was my first awards show as a nominee. I wrote blog posts about my nominations and trip to Nashville to celebrate this life-changing experience. Now, I couldn’t feel more lucky to be up for three awards this year.

My Three Nominations for the 9th Annual Josie Music Awards

When I was watching the nominations announcement and got named for three categories, I practically squealed. Receiving nominations is highly competitive, due to the number of submissions and evaluation by the panel. Being included in three categories is truly an honor, so I’m excited to share what each one means to me.

9th Annual Josie Music Awards
Official Nominee, Demi Michelle
Multi-Genre Artist of the Year
Musician of the Year - Piano
Media Company of the Year - Write on Track
October 22, Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville

First, receiving a nomination for Multi-Genre Artist of the Year totally floored me. I can’t express how empowered and validated this makes me feel. As a songwriter, I believe it’s extremely important to explore multiple genres and write music that captures my story in the best way. Having a passion for both pop and country music has kept my creative process fresh. When I get inspired to write a song, I never write with genre in mind. I craft lyrics, a melody, chords, and a feel that reflects the concept and message. Once I begin imagining the arrangement and how I’d bring the song to life in the studio, genre elements begin to fall into place. I’ve written uptempo contemporary pop songs and modern country songs, piano ballads, and music with other genre flavors. I’ve grown as a songwriter from embracing and exploring various genres, but still, I’ve been told to stick to only one. I didn’t, though. I listened to my heart and chose to write the music I want to write. If I had surrendered to the noise and didn’t stay true to myself, I wouldn’t be up for this award. Instead of putting myself in a box, I’ve remained free with my songwriting. This nomination has made me even more motivated to create authentic music, no matter the style. Multi-Genre Artist of the Year is a category that celebrates those who write and record multiple genres, and I’m proud to be a nominee.

Second, being up for Musician of the Year for piano is so special. I started playing piano when I was ten years old and grew up being classically trained, all the way through college. I’ve participated in countless recitals, competitions, and other events as a classical pianist and even won awards for solo piano composition. Piano has been my main instrument for going on sixteen years, and I’m so grateful for my teachers and professors who have made me the musician I am today. My piano talent has found its way into my songwriting journey while writing, recording, and playing live. I love sitting down at the piano when I’m writing a new song, composing accompaniments or crafting chord progressions. My knowledge of music theory paired with my piano skills has opened doors for me to write more intricate music. Also, nothing makes me happier than recording piano in the studio, especially live piano for ballads. I’ve accompanied myself on piano during live shows as well. Being nominated for Musician of the Year traces way back to my roots and my love for piano, so I’m so thankful to have my musicianship recognized by the Josie Music Awards this year.

Finally, I’m stunned that Write on Track is up for Media Company of the Year. In just under two years, this show has gone from a fun side project to receiving an award nomination. I never imagined what Write on Track would become when I started the show. It’s taken on a life of its own. I may host Write on Track solo, but this podcast wouldn’t be what it is without every single person who has been part of it. I’m blessed for all my guests, listeners, and supporters. Everyone I’ve connected with behind the scenes has been a joy to work with, from managers to publicists. My network has grown, I’ve made new industry friends, and most of all, I’ve had unforgettable and inspiring conversations with such kind and gifted individuals. I’ve always believed in my heart that Write on Track is one of a kind, and my dedication to this show has led to a Josie Music Awards nomination. I’m forever grateful for this surprise, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Write on Track.

So, those are my three nominations. All together, I’m being recognized as an artist, musician, and podcast host. I’m honored to have my various passions acknowledged in such a magical way. Every day, I work extremely hard to grow as a creative person and look for opportunities to further establish myself in the music industry. My three nominations reflect my love for music, both as a creator of this beautiful art and someone on the business side giving others a platform to share their stories. Words can’t express the gratitude in my heart.

The Awards Show

The 9th Annual Josie Music Awards are set to take place on October 22 at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. This is such an iconic venue, so I’m excited the awards are being held there again.

Attending the awards show last year was a surreal experience, so I can’t wait for round two. From the red carpet and media to the awards show itself, every moment made me feel like I was living a dream. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an award, or two, or three, this year. Time to wish upon all the stars!

Thank you so much to the Josie Music Awards for giving me three nominations this year. I’m counting down the days until I’m back in Nashville for another memorable night.