A Memorable May Studio Session

I had such a lovely day at the Vault. Studio days are my favorite, and my six-hour session was packed with wrapping up some new music. I officially finished recording my upcoming EP, It Is What It Is. The five songs on this project have my heart, and I can’t believe it’s mixing time. This was such a memorable day, so I’m excited to share the details.

All the Ballad Feels with “Halfway Outta This Town”

I can’t express how incredible it felt to finally record “Halfway Outta This Town.” I got inspired to write this song when I was in Nashville last November. Out of all of my songs, I spent the most time rewriting and crafting this one. It’s close to my heart, so I wanted to be sure it was perfect before recording it.

“Halfway Outta This Town” is a ballad, and I got the chance to record piano again. Recording piano on my songs makes my heart so happy, and I don’t get to do that very often because I don’t write many ballads. The piano for this song is absolutely gorgeous and has many suspended chords. I loved composing it, and I loved recording it even more. 

I played the piano perfectly in one take. This is huge, and it makes me feel like I waited for the right time to do this song. I allowed myself to get lost in the music and feel every note I was playing. Still, it was a little stressful because I knew I was recording and the tiniest mistake would’ve led to starting either the whole song or a section over. As a musician, there’s so much I have to keep in mind. Aside from being sure to play all the right notes, I have to be extremely accurate with timing while being expressive and pouring emotion into the music. It usually takes a couple tries to nail it, and sometimes, live instrument tracks that you hear on studio recordings are actually different takes blended together so seamlessly that you don’t notice. The fact I got the piano for “Halfway Outta This Town” in one shot makes me feel super proud. I rehearsed it a lot, so my dedication to this song and willingness to practice it for weeks before recording paid off.

After I recorded the piano, Bob and I added some strings to the song. I got chills when I was playing the strings. They’re so pretty and fit the song perfectly. Recording “Halfway Outta This Town” reminded me how much I love writing emotional ballads. I’m so glad I decided to include this song on the EP because it’s a special one.

Next, I recorded vocals. I’ve been working on this song with my vocal coach, and singing this song was such a rewarding experience. I’m pushing myself to be the best artist I can be, and a big part of that is growing as a singer. After two months of vocal coaching lessons, I’ve learned techniques that changed the way I think about singing. I’ve become more confident with my voice, and I’m super happy with my delivery on “Halfway Outta This Town.” 

I’m really looking forward to having Luke add some bass and acoustic guitar. “Halfway Outta This Town” is a very delicate song, but having bass and subtle acoustic guitar will fill the song out and create dynamic changes. I already sent the song to Luke, so I know he’ll start working on it very soon from Nashville. I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with. Everything he does is outstanding, and I know this time will be perfect, too.

“Halfway Outta This Town” is a beautiful and emotional ballad that will soon find a home on It Is What It Is. I can’t wait for you to hear it. I poured my heart out both while writing and recording it. I’m really looking forward to hearing it when it’s mixed and mastered. That won’t be too long because the EP will be out this fall.

“Follow My Compass” is the Island Bop I Never Knew I Needed

Okay, I’m going to say it right here; “Follow My Compass” is a whole vibe. You have absolutely no clue what you’re in for. 

The song was amazing with only bass, guitar, and my vocals, and then, we added more instruments and calypso-style percussion. I swear it’s fantastic. This song makes me want to fly to the Caribbean Islands and kick back on the beach.

“Follow My Compass” is such a unique song. I’ve never written anything like it. Bob and I had a total blast finishing the production, and I honestly can’t wait to hear it when it’s done. I already know that it’s going to be the last track on It Is What It Is. It’s the perfect closing song. I’m beyond stoked for you to hear it. 

A Feature Surprise

Along with doing my own music, I’ve been working on a couple surprises. I can’t share details yet, but I recorded one of the songs in my April session and the other today. Let’s just say the song I recorded during this session is such a fabulous empowerment song. When I heard the track that I was asked to write a song over, I was blown away. I’ve always had a secret dream to feature on an EDM track, and if things work out, that’ll happen. I love dance music, and the thought of featuring on a song is so exciting. I’ll hopefully be able to share more details about this song and the other soon. Until then, send good luck and positive vibes.

This was such a fun session. I’m so blessed I get to create my music in such a wonderful studio with the best producer in the world. The Vault is my second home, and today was such a productive session.

Looking Ahead

I can’t believe It Is What It Is is finished being recorded. “You Get What You Give” dropped on Friday, and I’ll be releasing “Afterthought” as the second single. I recorded it in my April session, and this song is too flawless to not get single treatment. Then, “Halfway Outta This Town,” “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky,” and “Follow My Compass” will be the other three tracks on the EP. All of the songs sound amazing already, so I’m looking forward to hearing the final masters when that time comes.

Since it’s EP mixing time, I won’t be going back to the studio for a few months, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still writing. I already have four songs that are options for my next project after It Is What It Is. I’ve been spending lots of time crafting them, so in a few months, I’ll probably start recording a couple of them. I never stop, but at this point, you shouldn’t be surprised.

So, that’s a wrap on recording It Is What It Is and some more studio news. Forever grateful for my days at the Vault.

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