An Absolutely Amazing April Studio Session

The Vault Recording Studio is truly my second home, and I got to go back for an amazing April session. I can’t put into words how fun this session was. Bob and I got so much done, and it was a total blast as always.

“Afterthought” is Officially a New Favorite

One of the songs on my upcoming EP is “Afterthought.” I have been counting down the days until I could record this one, and you seriously have no idea how much fun it was. 

This is a sassy song with lots of attitude. Also, it blends many different genres and is so unique and has the best groove ever. Luke recorded the guitar and bass for me from Nashville, and Bob and I had the best time building up the song.

We started off by layering the percussion, piano, and some other sounds. Hearing “Afterthought” unfold was an incredible experience. I’ve had such a clear vision for this song for a while, so I loved getting to hear it come to life.

Recording vocals for “Afterthought” was hands down the most fun I had recording vocals ever. I wanted this song to have a ton of background vocals that almost makes it have an a cappella feel. I stacked chords and sung different sounds, and let me tell you, Bob and I were flipping out the whole time because of how cool it sounds. There are so many vocal tracks on this song that I can’t even remember the total number anymore. When we got to the final chorus, we completely went crazy with the background vocals. It has such a powerful ending, and I had the best time giving it my all.

“Afterthought” is like nothing I’ve done before. I keep listening to the rough recording on repeat. It already sounds fantastic. I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like when it’s mixed. Overall, “Afterthought” is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded.

All the Beach Vibes with “Follow My Compass”

“Follow My Compass” is also going to be on my EP. Luke recorded the guitar and bass for this one in Nashville, too. During the session, I only had time to record vocals, but it’s already sounding fabulous. 

“Follow My Compass” has such a cool vibe. This is the kind of song that’d sound perfect getting played on an island. The rhythm of the guitar and bass gives the song a summertime, calypso feel, and I’m stoked to get the drums in the song and add some other instruments.

My favorite thing about recording the EP is that I initially envisioned all the songs as pop-country, but they’re taking on lives of their own. I’m beginning to not think a whole lot about genres anymore. I don’t want my creativity or my songs to be confined by certain parameters. Both “Afterthought and “Follow My Compass” are so special and unique, and they are that way because I allowed myself to be more free with the creative process. I love both of these songs, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Recording Surprises

During my session, I worked on two other projects. I can’t give details at the moment, but I’m so beyond excited for what I’m cooking up behind the scenes.

I love how I’m starting to branch out and explore new things, other than just my own music to release as a solo artist. I feel like I’ve become much more imaginative and making connections with others in the music industry has started to open some pretty exciting doors. So, stay tuned for the fun news when it comes time for me to pull back the curtain.

Demi Michelle and Bob McCutcheon after the session

I had such a blast at my session. Studio days bring me so much joy, and I’m forever blessed I get to record at the Vault. I have another session booked for May, so I’m looking forward to making more memories.

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