The Best Day Presenting for the Commercial Music Students at Seton Hill University

Today, I had the honor of returning to my second home, Seton Hill University, to do a presentation for the commercial music students. This was such a wonderful opportunity, and I’m grateful I got the chance to share my story and music industry advice with such a fantastic group of students.

Demi before her presentation for the commercial music students.

It felt amazing to be back in the Performing Arts Center. I’ve made so many memories as a music student myself, so it was surreal presenting, especially since I graduated from the music program only three years ago. 

My Presentation for the Commercial Music Students

I spoke for about an hour and had a PowerPoint to go along with my presentation. Since this was my first time doing something like this, I wanted to give an overview of the main aspects of being a songwriter and recording artist. I honestly could’ve talked for hours on each topic, so I really had to pick and choose what I felt was most valuable to cover.

During my presentation, I talked about songwriting, recording, releasing music, music distributors, Performing Rights Organizations, the independent artist’s team, an artist’s brand, networking, PR, and my top three pieces of advice. This was a ton of information to pack into an hour, but my presentation flowed very well.

Demi presenting for the commercial music students.

At the end, the students had a chance to ask me questions, and wow, they asked such great questions. It means so much to me that they valued what I had to say. They seemed to really enjoy my presentation, and I loved answering their thoughtful questions. This experience couldn’t have gone more perfectly.

I can’t thank Seton Hill enough for having me today. Coming back to speak was such an honor. Also, thank you so much to the students for listening to my story and advice for many areas of the music business. I truly hope I get the opportunity to visit again in the future.

Demi with the commercial music students after the presentation.

One of my favorite things is giving back to the music industry. A huge way of doing that is being willing to share my experiences and educate others. This was my first time teaching about the music industry in a formal setting, and I loved every second.

I do so much as a songwriter and recording artist, and sometimes, the most special opportunities are the ones I least expect. Being invited to return to my university to share my experiences and knowledge with the next group of talented musicians following after me was definitely one of those unexpected opportunities. Today meant the world to me. Once a griffin, always a griffin.

If you’d like to read about more highlights from my music journey, head over to this page and enjoy. Forever grateful for every memory.