My March Studio Session Was One for the Books

I had a fabulous studio session on March 9. It’s incredible how much my producer, Bob, and I get done in ten hours while still having a ton of fun. Here are the highlights from the session.

The Mini “LA Will Wait for Me” Pre-Release Party

It was so much fun to be at the studio during “LA Will Wait for Me” release week. To celebrate, I got a cookie cake made. I’m here to confirm it was delicious. Also, some of the other producers stopped by just in time to have a piece. 

Demi and Bob with the cookie cake.

Recording the Introduction for Write on Track

I’m thrilled to share that I’m going to have my very own songwriting podcast called Write on Track. I’ve had this idea for months, and I’m so excited I’m finally moving forward with the podcast. So, Bob and I took some time during the session to produce the music for the podcast. I also recorded my intro. I’ll be sharing more information about the podcast hopefully very soon.

“Will I Ever” Came to Life

After wrapping up recording for some songs I started, I recorded “Will I Ever.” This is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. Also, I’ve decided to add both “Will I Ever” and “Perfectly Imperfect” to my album. Even though I finished recording my album last August, I’m constantly writing songs. These two songs definitely belong on the album. Also, one of them will be the lead single.

I love filming studio vlogs, so I had my iPad rolling the whole time we worked on “Will I Ever.” I’m working on editing the vlog, but since this song might be the single, I’m going to hold on to the vlog for now. I’d love to use the vlog as a way to get everyone excited for the song closer to the release if “Will I Ever” is the single. I have a feeling it might be!

This was another unforgettable session. I’m excited for all of my new music and the podcast. I’m planning on going back to the studio in May to work on more songs with Luke, my amazing guitarist. This has already been an incredible year for my music, and I’m so excited for what’s to come.