“LA Will Wait for Me” Magic – March 2021 Wrap

March was the most incredible month of my life. I’m blown away by all the love and support “LA Will Wait for Me” has received. From interviews to airplay and beyond, March was a fun and wild ride. Here are all the highlights.

Before “LA Will Wait for Me” Release Day

First, the beginning of March was a ton of fun. I kicked off the month with an Instagram Live with Linda from Voice of A Woman on March 5. Linda has been so supportive of my music, and I had the best time ever talking to her. On the live, Linda and I discussed “LA Will Wait for Me,” California memories, my inspirations, why I love bridges in songs, being a woman in the music industry, and more. I also performed a snippet of LA and some other songs. You can watch the replay here.

Next, I joined the hosts of Crazy Women Country, Donna and Paula, for a super fun Facebook Live Event on March 8. This was the best way to kick off “LA Will Wait for Me” release week. We talked all about LA, and I performed a snippet of the song. You can watch the replay here.

On March 9, I had a ten-hour studio session. It was so fun being in the studio during LA release week. I took a cookie cake to celebrate. Also, I worked on more music I’m so excited about. Read about my session in this blog post.

Also, on March 9, my interview with Michael’s music blog came out. In the interview, I talk about music, my philosophy of life, thoughts on mental health, and much more. Watch the interview here.

“LA Will Wait for Me” Release Day

“LA Will Wait for Me” release day was such a blast. You can download and stream “LA Will Wait for Me” here.

My co-writer, Madison Young, and I celebrated the release by going live on Instagram. This was my most successful release so far. All the kind messages I received made me the happiest ever. Also, LA got added to some playlists, including Women of Country’s New Music Friday playlist and She Wolf Radio’s NuShe – March 12, 2021 playlist

Also, I got some press on release day. I received a lovely review from Jana Vondrusova on Music from the heart. Read the review here.

Additionally, it was fabulous getting some love from my hometown. My HughShows First/Last Interview was published. I share my first and last concerts, first and last albums, what I love about Pittsburgh, and more. Check out the interview here.

Finally, the day wrapped up with a fun Instagram Live on the Chris Sarabia Show. Watch my interview here.

Other March Interviews

March was full of so many incredible interviews. I had the absolute honor of speaking with Graham Barnes for a Country Belles interview. The interview aired on Country Belles on March 20. I talked about all my releases, songwriting, and more. Listen to the interview on my YouTube channel here.

Next, I was beyond excited when my podcast interview for Country Chat with Dom dropped on March 17. Funny story! So, I wanted to talk to Dom, so I emailed him a few weeks before LA released. I was totally swamped during release week, but when he sent me a direct message on Twitter, asking if I was available to do an interview, I freaked out and couldn’t pass it up. This was such a blast. In the interview, Dom and I talk about literally everything; songwriting, Harry Potter, pizza, you name it. Listen to the interview on Spotify here. It’s also available on all other platforms. 

On March 22, I went live with Joey Clarkson for an episode of My First Song Monday. This was such a fabulous experience. Joey and I talked all about songwriting, my music, releasing music during a pandemic, my obsession with bridges, and so much more. At the end, I played the first song I’ve ever written, “No Way.” It was a lot of fun bringing this song back. Watch the livestream here.

Also, my podcast interview for Little Known Tracks came out on March 22. I sat down with Sydney and Alex to talk about songwriting, the novel I’m writing in my masters program, and more. This was a fun one, and you can listen to it on Spotify here. It’s also available on all other podcast platforms.

Next, on March 27, my podcast interview with Produced by a Girl released. This interview is definitely one of my favorites. Mary and I talk about everything from my experiences in the music industry to my upcoming debut album and more. Listen to the interview on Spotify here. It’s also available on all other platforms.

“LA Will Wait for Me” Airplay 

I can’t believe “LA Will Wait for Me” got played on the radio in March. Huge thank you to all the stations that played it.

LA had its radio premiere on Country Belles the day after release. After that, it was played during Voice of A Woman on Claremorris Community Radio, the Collective Music Showcase flagship show for independent artists on ARC Radio, Unsigned on the Beach Radio, and New Country Sunday Night on MJM Strategies Radio. During the New Country Sunday Night show, LA was played alongside big names in country music, including Taylor Swift and Maren Morris. I get to relive that night with this Spotify playlist of the songs played during the first hour of the show. Also, it was added for rotation on KB Country Radio. I’m so grateful for the support these stations have shown me and “LA Will Wait for Me.”

LA Grew on Spotify

On March 26, Spotify added “LA Will Wait for Me” to a few thousand Release Radar playlists. This was huge for me, and LA exploded during the week it was on the playlist. By the time March 31 rolled around, LA had passed 5,000 streams, and it’s still growing. Listen to “LA Will Wait for Me” on Spotify.

The SW20 Country Birthday Bash

Finally, one of the biggest highlights from March was performing during SW20 Country’s Birthday Bash. SW20 Country Music Show organized a whole weekend of country music. The virtual country music festival took place on Facebook, and it benefitted Help Musicians, a UK charity that helps out all professional musicians. I was so honored when I was asked to perform on Sunday as part of their international stage. You can watch my forty-minute set from SW20 Country’s Birthday Bash here.

I’m so blessed for every opportunity March gave me. No matter what, I can always look back on all the amazing memories I had throughout the month. I’m looking forward to what April has in store for me. This is only the beginning.