“Into Focus” – Behind the Lyrics

“Into Focus” is a song I actually wrote in October of 2017. Even though it’s one of the first songs I’ve ever written, I always find myself going back to it, and when I started recording my album in September, I knew right away I needed to include it and make it the first single. At the time, I just thought as songwriting as something I did for fun. I never gave much thought to making it a bigger part of my life or even going to a studio. “Into Focus” changed everything for me.

            I remember writing the song so clearly. It was my junior year of college, and during a break between classes, I went to a practice room in my university’s Performing Arts Center, intending to practice piano, but I was distracted. I felt really overwhelmed at the time, both from school and other reasons, and I needed to let some of it out. I got the idea for “Into Focus” that day and finished it after a few practice room trips. At first, I thought of the song as just something I wrote for myself, but after sharing it with a few friends, I realized that “Into Focus” is a song many people can find their own way to relate to. This was the moment when songwriting became something special to me.

            “Into Focus” is about the times when everything seems to be going wrong, but even during this darkness, there is a little comfort in knowing that something brighter and more beautiful is coming. This isn’t always easy to remember. It’s actually very hard sometimes, and it’s something I find myself struggling with from time to time. Everyone has different ways of finding glimmers of light and happiness during these moments, and for me, music has always been my go to. Ever since writing “Into Focus,” it has become a song I can turn to when I need to remind myself that things will get better, and now that I made the choice to release it as the first single off my debut album, I hope it can bring some light into others’ lives, too. I promised myself I’d always be real and authentic with my music, and there’s no better song to capture that side of me as a songwriter than “Into Focus.”