Hometown Love, “Homecoming Queen,” and Happy Memories – January 2022 Wrap

Happy 2022! Wow, when my songwriting story flipped to a fresh page on New Year’s Day, I had no idea what January had in store for me. I’m still processing this month. 2022 couldn’t have started in a more perfect way. I’m beyond delighted to share the magical highlights. 

Hometown Love on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh

One of my biggest dreams came true on January 28. It still feels so surreal. I got the opportunity to be the very first artist for the Bubba Show Live and Local Music Spotlight on 100.7 STAR Pittsburgh. I grew up listening to Bubba Show, so I seriously can’t believe that I got to be on as a special guest. I’ve dreamed of the day that I’d get the chance to share my music with my hometown, so I can’t thank Bubba and Melanie enough for this magical moment.

Demi Michelle Bubba Show Dreams Come True Graphic

On the show, I did an interview and heard “Will I Ever” get played on my hometown’s top 40 radio station. I’m still not over it. It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. Listen to my morning on Bubba Show here.

Also, I wrote a special blog post all about being on the show. Get the full story here.

My Rendition of “Homecoming Queen” by Kelsea Ballerini

“Homecoming Queen” by Kelsea Ballerini is the song that made me fall in love with country music, so it was so special to finally release my rendition that I recorded last year. I dropped “Homecoming Queen” on January 21. This is one of my favorite studio recordings I’ve done, so I’m beyond happy it’s finally out.

“Homecoming Queen” is available on all download and streaming platforms. Click here to listen on one of the major platforms.

“Homecoming Queen” Cover Art

If you’d like to read all about what this song means to me, my journey recording it, and more, check out this blog post for the details and to watch the behind the cover video and studio vlog.

Back to the Vault

I started 2022 the right way by having two studio sessions. It was the best feeling being back at the Vault working on new music.

Demi Michelle and Luke Wood at the Vault

I recorded “You Get What You Give,” which will be the lead single off my upcoming EP. This is such a fun and sassy song, and it was a blast recording. Also, I finished recording “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky.” This is a favorite of mine that I play whenever I get the chance. It’ll definitely be on the EP. Along with these songs, I recorded piano for a very special collaboration. I’m bursting to share the details, so stay tuned for that.

I had the most fun at both of these sessions. Check out this blog post for all of the exciting highlights and photos from the sessions.

The January Press and Fun

Along with my magical moment on Bubba Show, January brought some pretty special articles and more.

First, I had the honor of being chosen for Scarlet River’s first artist spotlight of 2022. How cool is that? I’m working with Rachel for the release of “Across the Pond,” so this article definitely put a smile on my face. Read my artist spotlight here.

Next, I’m still freaking out over the fact “Homecoming Queen” got a review on Alongside Nashville. Do you want to know the coolest part? It’s written in French! If you don’t know French, no worries. You’ll be able to translate it. Still, though, how awesome is it that this is in French? Okay, I’ll stop going off now. Check out the review here.

“Homecoming Queen” received another lovely review from my dear friend, Jess, for Fierce & Fabulous Revolution. I love everything Jess does on her blog, and this review is absolutely beautiful. Read it here.

Also, I got to be part of a super fun episode of the Sunday Night Army. I did an interview on the show during my press run for Dear Diary, so it was fabulous to be back for an episode about music nestalgia. I talk about “This I Promise You” by *NSYNC for my song. This is still one of my favorite songs, and it brings back memories. The two main ones are when Justin Timberlake gave me a high five while singing the song during an *NSYNC concert when I was little, and more recently, when I performed a solo piano arrangement of the song during the last Love Notes concert I performed in when I was a senior in college. You can listen to the episode on Spotify and all other platforms.

I have so much coming next month with the release of “Across the Pond.” You should see my calendar. I’m so blessed for the opportunities January gave me, and I’m beyond excited to share all that I have coming up in February. The year is seriously off to a golden start.

Radio Appreciation

I’m so blown away by the support my music has gotten on radio. I went from hardly anyone playing my music when I started this journey to having so many radio shows and stations playing my music worldwide. I’m not going to list shows and stations by name here because there are too many to mention, and I know I’ll leave someone out. Still, I have to take a moment to say that I’m so, so grateful for all of the love and support. “Homecoming Queen” is doing incredible and has started to chart on some stations. Also, some of my older music is still being played as well. I’ll never get over how special it is to hear my music on radio stations, so huge thank you to every single one of my friends at radio for playing my music.

I have the biggest smile on my face after putting this blog together. I’m blessed for all of the memorable opportunities that January brought me. It’s just the start of 2022, and I couldn’t be happier with how this month unfolded. Here’s to more memories in February. I can’t wait to see what comes next.