Feeling as Lucky as a Four Leaf Clover – March 2022 Wrap

March was such a magical month. I can’t get over how amazing 2022 has been so far for me and my music. I’m excited to share all of the memorable March highlights

“Four Leaf Clover” is Finally Here

On St. Patrick’s Day, I released “Four Leaf Clover.” This is a fully acoustic, pop-folk song. It was originally supposed to be on Dear Diary, but since the song reminds me of spring, I decided to hold on to it and release it on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Four Leaf Clover Cover Art

I can’t believe “Four Leaf Clover” is the closing entry of Dear Diary. This song is very close to my heart, and now, it’s yours.

You can download and stream “Four Leaf Clover” everywhere now. Click here for the major platforms.

I filmed a special behind the lyrics video for “Four Leaf Clover.” I open up about the inspiration behind the song, the four leaf clover metaphor, imagery in the lyrics, and more.

“Four Leaf Clover” is a piece of my heart, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

My First Songwriting Cut with “Never Add Up”

I reached one of my biggest songwriting goals on March 25. I got my first songwriting cut with “Never Add Up” by Lindsey Farrow. Lindsey is an extremely talented UK-based artist. I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long, and I couldn’t have co-written a more gorgeous song for my first cut. Along with co-writing the song, I also recorded piano on the recording, which was such an honor.

I put together a blog post all about “Never Add Up,” which includes a special video I filmed that will take you behind the collaboration and a joint interview Lindsey and I did for the song. You can check it out here.

The March Interviews, Features, and Other Opportunities 

Along with my interview with Lindsey about “Never Add Up,” March brought some more incredible opportunities.

First, I had the absolute honor of doing a Live from the Lounge Session for Russell Hill’s Country Music Show on Express FM. I loved getting to play “Will I Ever,” “Homecoming Queen,” and “Across the Pond,” and I talked a bit between the songs. I always enjoy opportunities like this one. You can listen to my Live from the Lounge Session here.

Next, I did an interview for the Prosperous Musician. I talk about songwriting, recording, release strategies, marketing, highlights of my music career, and more. You can watch the interview here.

 I love doing release talks for COOL TOP20, and I got the opportunity to do one for “Four Leaf Clover.” I share why I decided to release the song as the closing entry of Dear Diary, the inspiration behind the song, and the meaning behind the artwork. This is one of my favorite interviews with COOL TOP20, and you can read it here.

Also, during “Four Leaf Clover” release week, I got to catch up with my good friend, Cody Murphy, for another episode of Weekdays with Murph. I always love chatting with Cody. You can listen to the interview here.

“Four Leaf Clover” got a couple lovely reviews. First, Jana wrote a review for Music from the Heart. You can read it here.

Also, Jess wrote a review for Fierce & Fabulous Revolution. It means the world to me that Jess is still supporting me because she’s been in my corner from the start. Read her review for “Four Leaf Clover” here.

Finally, I did a fabulous interview with Let’s Link It Up. I loved reconnecting with Loryn for another interview. This is such a perfect interview because I talk about “Four Leaf Clover” and share details about my upcoming EP, It Is What It Is. Read the interview here.

I’m so grateful for every opportunity March gave me. Next month, I’ll be taking a little break from press and interviews. I’ve been going nonstop since the beginning of the year, and I need some time to relax before I kick off my new era in May with the lead single off the EP. I already have a handful of interviews set up in May to look forward to.

Three Pieces of Advice for Indie Artists

In March, I filmed a special video for Heart of Indie Radio, where I share three pieces of advice for indie artists. I got inspired to do this video during my residency for grad school back in January. There are many similarities between the music industry and the publishing industry. During residency, some of the authors gave great advice that has to do with writing books and getting published, and I drew parallels to the music industry. I hope you enjoy my video. Watch it here.

All the Love on Radio

My music is still getting played on shows and stations worldwide. There are way too many to thank individually, so I would love to send a huge thank you to everyone playing my music.

Also, I’ve landed on amazing charts this month. “Across the Pond” climbed to number nine on the Indie Star Radio Top 21. Also, “Homecoming Queen” earned a spot in the Top 30 Current Country on MJM Strategies Radio, a station based in Indianapolis. Seeing my song on a chart with country stars is absolutely mind-blowing. 

I’m forever thankful for all of the airplay. It means everything to me.

Vocal Coaching 

This month, I started vocal coaching lessons. This is something that has been on my mind for a while, and after being encouraged by a friend who is a professional songwriter, I decided to take the leap.

I was in choir from middle school through college and have had voice lessons in the past, but I don’t feel like I’ve gotten proper training. Even in college as a music major, I had to take voice classes, but I don’t feel like I was taught in an individualistic way. Now, I’m working one-on-one with a vocal coach every other week. After only a couple meetings with her, I already see a change and I can’t wait for this new adventure.

Since I’m really taking songwriting and my artistry seriously now, I want my voice to be the best it can be. When I started writing and recording, I was super self-conscious about my voice. I’ve gotten over that a while ago, but there are things that I know I can work on and improve. Having a vocal coach who understands my goals is incredible because I’m finally getting trained in a way that is centered around my voice.

My Photoshoot for It Is What It Is

I can’t believe the time has come to do my photoshoot for my upcoming EP, It Is What It Is.

Demi Michelle Photo for It Is What It Is

I had a blast at the shoot. The EP has many genre influences, but the core is pop-country. The EP is bold and self-empowering, so I went with very bright and warm colors for the shoot. I also wore a hat and cowboy boots. It’s a very different look from Dear Diary, and that’s the whole point. I feel like I’ve become a new person after releasing the album, so I’m ready for something fresh.

I’m really looking forward to It Is What It Is. I’m going back to the studio next month to keep working on the songs for the EP. Here’s to a new beginning.

March was incredible. I enjoyed creating this blog post because it gave me a chance to reflect on all that’s happened over the past month. 

With a quarter of 2022 behind me, I’m feeling so lucky and blessed. There’s so much on the horizon, and I can’t wait for what’s next.