Christmas Memories and Tying the Bow on 2022 – December 2022 Wrap

December was pure magic. This month was packed with lots of Christmas memories, a studio session, new interviews, chart placements, and much more. December had a little bit of everything, and it was the best way to wrap up 2022. Get ready with your hot chocolate because I have a bunch of highlights to share.

The Live and Amplified 25 Days of Christmas Series

First, I kicked off December in the best way. I’m so lucky I got the chance to be part of the Live and Amplified 25 Days of Christmas Series on December 1. Tom and I had such a fun chat about my new original Christmas single, “Winter Cold,” and so much more. He also asked me some Christmas questions, and we may or may not go on a mini tangent about why flying during Christmas time is the worst.

I truly loved being part of this series. The audio is on Spotify and other podcast platforms, and you can also watch the video below. This was such a fun way to start the month.

Co-Hosting Countdown to Christmas on Heart of Indie Radio

I’m beyond honored that I got the opportunity to co-host the first ever Countdown to Christmas Show on Heart of Indie Radio. When Eddie reached out about this, I jumped on it in a heartbeat.

It was so fun choosing half of the songs for the show and having fun and festive conversations with Eddie about all things Christmas during the station breaks. I’ve co-hosted shows on Heart of Indie Radio before, but since Christmas is my favorite holiday, co-hosting Countdown to Christmas was extra special. You can listen to the show on Mixcloud.

Indie Christmas 2022

Along with co-hosting Countdown to Christmas, I performed during Heart of Indie Radio’s Indie Christmas 2022. I loved getting the chance to play “Winter Cold” and be part of such a special event that celebrates indie music and spreads holiday cheer.

If you would like to watch the full concert, click here and enjoy all the festive music.

Behind the Lyrics of “Winter Cold”

I love sharing behind the lyrics videos, so I filmed one for “Winter Cold.” I hope you enjoy hearing about the inspiration for this song, what it means to me, and more.

“Winter Cold” is available on all major download and streaming platforms here. This is such a special song to me, and I’m glad I released it this year.

100.7 STAR Bubba Show Naughty or Nice Ugly Sweater Party

When your hometown station throws a Christmas party, you go. I’m so glad my friend, Savannah, and I went to the Bubba Show Naughty or Nice Ugly Sweater Party. It was such a fun night, and I even made my own sweater for the party. 

Demi and Savannah before the Bubba Show Ugly Sweater Party

Attending the party brought my 100.7 STAR memories full circle. In January, I was invited to be the first artist for the Bubba Show Live and Local Music Spotlight, which I’m still processing almost a year later. Then, I wrapped up 2022 at their ugly sweater party. Bubba and Melanie have hearts of gold, and they definitely know how to throw a party.

Toys for Tots Pittsburgh Tikes

The holiday season is a time for giving. I believe that it’s so important to give back during Christmas time, and donating toys to put a smile on a child’s face is a beautiful way to do just that. I donated a Bumble stuffed animal and farm animal puzzle to Toys for Tots Pittsburgh Tikes, and I know this act of kindness will touch a child’s heart this holiday season.

I’m always looking for ways to spread love and kindness all year round. Giving back is extremely important to me, and donating these toys made my heart happy.

A Christmas Songwriting Cut with “Snows and Bows” by Lindsey Farrow

I’m beyond delighted that I got the opportunity to co-write a Christmas single with Lindsey Farrow called “Snows and Bows.” Back in March, I received my first songwriting cut when Lindsey released “Never Add Up.” When she reached out to me about writing another song and presented the idea of writing a Christmas song, I was completely on board.

“Snows and Bows” is a festive single with a doo-wop style, making it truly one of a kind. Writing a Christmas song in this style was tons of fun, and I enjoyed being part of the songwriting process. The lyrics are specific to Lindsey’s life and shimmer with imagery. The melody makes me want to sing along every time, and the song as a whole sparkles with Christmas spirit. You can listen to “Snows and Bows” on all major platforms here.

Co-writing “Snows and Bows” was a fantastic opportunity, and I’m so glad Lindsey decided to release it this holiday season.

A Nemacolin Christmas

My family and I spent Christmas at the gorgeous Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. I had such a magical time. The weekend was full of festive adventures, like having breakfast with Santa and decorating a gingerbread house. The Christmas magic shimmered in the air, and Nemacolin was a lovely place to spend the weekend.

Demi standing by white trees in Nemacolin

I put together a special video with a bunch of photos from the trip and video clips of my sister and me decorating our gingerbread house. With the instrumental of “Winter Cold” playing in the background, this video gives a sparkling glimpse into my Nemacolin trip.

Christmas has come and gone again, but this year, I found myself feeling extra grateful. 2022 unfolded into one of the best years of my life, and I loved celebrating Christmas with my family in Nemacolin. 

My Last Studio Day of 2022

On December 30, I had a ten-hour session to wrap up 2022. I can’t believe how much music I recorded. Bob, Luke, and I always get so much done, but this session hit a new record, pun intended.

Demi Michelle and Luke Wood at the session

I wrote all about the songs I recorded and spilled lots of exclusive tea in this blog post from the session. I’m so lucky that I get to record at the Vault, and after the magical year I had, going to the studio for one more session made this year end on the highest C on the piano.

Guest Co-Hosting the New Year’s Eve Hearts of Nashville Show

I’m so honored that Eddie asked me to hop on the New Year’s Eve Hearts of Nashville Show. This was such a fun way to end 2022. 

During my station breaks, Eddie and I chat about music plans for 2023, original Christmas music, and much more. Also, I recorded a special New Year’s Eve version of “Winter Cold.” Fun fact, the song originally had a bridge about New Year’s Eve. I found the old lyrics and recorded the New Year’s Eve bridge just for the show. Listen to the full New Year’s Eve Hearts of Nashville Show here for lots of amazing music and fun conversations. In case you’re wondering, I made sure “New Year’s Day” by Taylor Swift was on the show. 

Heart of Indie has supported me so much this year, and I’m honored to be one of their featured artists. Wrapping up the year with unforgettable Christmas and New Year’s Eve opportunities was the best way to tie the bow on my 2022 Heart of Indie memories.

Launching My New Shopify Shop

I’m delighted that my new online shop is live. I decided to move my shop over to Shopify for various reasons, and I’m glad it’s up and running to wrap up 2022.

Right now, I’m selling signed Dear Diary and It Is What It Is CDs and my Spread Your Wings and Dream T-shirts and hoodie. You can check out my shop here. I can’t wait to add more items in the future.

The December Interviews and Press

December brought new interviews and coverage, and I’m delighted to share them. I love doing interviews, and these are definitely fantastic ones. Also, receiving features in any form makes my day. The support truly warms my heart.

First, Jess has supported me from day one on her incredible music blog, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution. She’s become a great friend over the years, and she wrote a lovely review for “Winter Cold.” Reviews always make me smile, and this one definitely did. You can read it here.

Next, my second interview on the Sunday Night Army dropped. Jakub has become a friend over this past year. He’s been on my podcast, Write on Track, as well, and we stay connected often. After I got home from Nashville, we recorded this interview. Jakub and I chat about everything from the Josie Music Awards to my new EP, It Is What It Is. During the episode, I dive deep into “Halfway Outta This Town,” and Jakub plays the track. This interview was a blast, and you can listen to it on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

Also, I’m delighted to share that “Winter Cold” got included during Jakub’s extra special Christmas episode that dropped Christmas Day. You can listen to it on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

Next, I couldn’t be more excited to share my interview on Chit & Chat: Encouraging One Another. I found Jody’s podcast a few months ago, and after listening to an episode and enjoying Jody’s interview style, I reached out to him to see if he’d have me on the show. I was super delighted when he replied about having me on, and we set up a time to record. I truly loved this chat so much. Jody kicks the show off by playing “Winter Cold.” Then, he asks me fun Christmas icebreaker questions and some either-or questions. I always love getting asked random questions like these during interviews because there’s no way to prepare. After that, we chat about my music, author journey, podcast, and more. Also, I share encouragement for others chasing their dreams and passions. It’s special to me when interviewers ask me about the important aspects of my life beyond my music. This interview captures so much, and I’m thankful Jody gave me the opportunity to come on the show. You can listen to the interview on Spotify and other podcast platforms.

Finally, my last interview of 2022 was with the Creatives. The interview dropped on Christmas Eve. I share all about “Winter Cold,” Christmas memories, my favorite songs I released this year, and more. I loved doing this interview because it was such a festive and special one to end my 2022 interviews. You can check it out here.

I wrapped up my 2022 press and interviews in such a fabulous way. I’m grateful for everyone who has given me the opportunity to share my story and music in December and during 2022 as a whole. 

The December Chart Placements

During 2022, I landed on many charts. My music getting recognized in such a way never fails to fill me with gratitude. December brought amazing chart placements, which wrapped up the year perfectly.

Before I share the charts, I want to thank everyone who has supported my music on radio this month. I received so much airplay, and “Winter Cold” got included in several Christmas specials. This year has been fabulous for my music on radio shows and stations worldwide, and I’m blessed for all the love. Now, here are the charts to wrap up 2022.

First, after climbing the Heart of Indie Top 10, “Winter Cold” peaked at number 4 on Christmas Day. Having my original song hit this spot on Christmas was the greatest musical gift.

Also, “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky” has been up for voting on the MOP Top 40 Songs Chart for the Music of Pittsburgh Society since November. Voting ran until New Years Eve, and in the end, “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky” held on to number 2. I can’t believe this special song, which is a track on It Is What It Is and isn’t a single, earned a spot in the top three. This placement also made me the number 2 artist on the MOP Top. Receiving this recognition from my hometown is pure magic.

Next, “Halfway Outta This Town” reached number 5 on the Radio TFSC Top 25. This is extremely special since like “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky,” “Halfway Outta This Town” isn’t a single. It’s one of my favorite tracks on It Is What It Is, so seeing it in the top five on this chart meant the world.

Also, It Is What It Is landed on the She Wolf Radio Fave 40 EPs of 2022 at number 10. I can’t believe my EP made the top 10 of this chart. I’m so grateful for all the love and support It Is What It Is has received in such a short period of time. Wrapping up 2022 with this level of recognition is such an honor. So many incredible EPs were released this year, so I’m blessed mine is number 10 for She Wolf Radio. 

On top of that, She Wolf Radio included “You Get What You Give” on their list of the top 99 tracks of 2022 and named my “Homecoming Queen” rendition as one of the top covers of 2022. It’s an honor making all of these lists.

Next, “Afterthought” made the Fierce & Fabulous Revolution list for the top 100 songs from 2022. I’m so honored. So many amazing songs by both mainstream and independent artists released this year, and being included on this list means everything to me. “Afterthought” is one of my most unique songs, and I had the most fun writing and recording it. 

Last but certainly not least, “Homecoming Queen” made two more incredible charts. First, it charted number 29 on the KB Country Radio Jukebox Top 50 Countdown for 2022. Second, it took the number 48 spot on the MJM Strategies Radio Top 50 Country Songs of 2022, which completely floored me since this chart is primarily mainstream artists. Both of these placements were total surprises, and I’m honored to have made these charts. So many amazing country songs were released this year, so having “Homecoming Queen” be one of the top 50 means so much to me. Overall, my cover has received lots of love this year. I’m glad so many people worldwide embraced my “Homecoming Queen” rendition, and hey, my original bridge and Luke’s guitar solo definitely played a role in its popularity if you ask me.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my music this year and played a role in getting me on to charts. I’m forever grateful.

So, that’s a wrap. What a way to end the year. 2022 was life-changing for me, and I truly ended the year on a high note. Now, it’s time to ring in 2023!