Announcing Write on Track: A Songwriting Podcast

I’m so beyond excited to announce my very own podcast, Write on Track: A Songwriting Podcast. I’ve wanted my own songwriting podcast for, like, forever, so I’m ecstatic the time has finally come. I hope you’re ready for this new adventure because I sure am. Here come all the details!

What Write on Track is All About

Write on Track is a podcast like no other. I’ll be exploring all aspects of being a songwriter, from the craft of songwriting to the music business and beyond. Along the way, I’ll sit down with fabulous guests for every episode. I already have quite a few episodes recorded, and let me tell you, the conversations we have are truly incredible and insightful. My guests include, songwriters, artists, radio presenters, music industry professionals, and many more. You can expect to hear genuine conversations about what it’s like walking in the shoes of a songwriter.

Where and When to Listen

Write on Track is on all major podcast platforms. You can find it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor. Links to other platforms can be found on the Anchor page. The first episode is coming May 30. That’s also my birthday. Did I plan that? You bet! New episodes of Write on Track will release every other Sunday. Also, the episodes are always waiting for you, so you can listen to them whenever you’d like. 

I can’t wait for you to come on this journey with me. Get ready to kick back and relax, don’t fall flat, and remember, stay “write on track!”