An Adventurous Start to the Year – January 2024 Wrap

The first month of 2024 is in the books, and wow, I can’t believe how many exciting things happened. So much is coming together at once. From receiving nominations for music awards to starting another revision of my manuscript to get it polished for submission soon, I’m beyond eager to unveil all my January highlights.

My Nominations for the 2024 ISSA Awards

First, I received six nominations for the 2024 ISSA Awards. After winning USA Female Album of the Year (Bronze) for It Is What It Is last year, getting nominated again means the world to me. If you’d like to read my blog post from attending the awards in 2023, you can do so here.

2024 ISSA Awards Official Nominee Graphic

This year, I’m up for USA Female Vocalist of the Year, Rising Star, Single of the Year for “Kind Heart,” Songwriter of the Year, Emerging Artist, and Radio Station/DJ of the Year for Write on Track. I can’t thank the International Singer Songwriters Association enough for recognizing me with these nominations.

Voting for the finalists takes place during April. Last year, I became a finalist in five categories. I’m already buzzing with anticipation to see if I’ll make the finals again. So, Butterflies, get ready to vote for me in a few months!

Zooming into Two Studio Sessions

In January, I zoomed into two studio sessions. First, Luke went to the Vault to record acoustic guitar for a secret release. Yep, that’s right. I’m not saying a peep about this one until it’s time to drop the song. All I’ll say is this is going to be one of my most meaningful releases yet.

Second, my flutist, Anna, stopped by the studio to record flute for “Kind Heart.” I had been counting down the days for this ever since I decided to have flute on the song, so let’s just say I couldn’t contain my excitement. Anna blew me away with her talent and brought something truly special to the song. Now that I’ve heard flute on “Kind Heart,” I can’t imagine it not being part of the instrumentation. For so long, I waited for the right time to have flute on one of my songs. When I wrote “Kind Heart,” I knew it was the one. I can’t thank Anna enough for playing flute for me.

Also, I’m delighted to share that “Kind Heart” is coming in February. I’m beyond ready to start the Hear Me Out chapter, and this song is the perfect lead single. I hope my Butterflies love “Kind Heart” as much as I do.

Chart Love

It still blows my mind every time my music lands on charts. In January, “Tinsel Heart” took the number seven spot on the Heart of Indie Radio top ten, and “You Get What You Give” landed in the number eighteen spot on the Radio TFSC top twenty four. I’m so grateful for all the radio stations that play my music. Since I’m releasing so much this year, I’m looking forward to receiving more worldwide airplay.

My Interview for CanvasRebel Magazine

My start to the year wouldn’t have felt complete without a new interview. Thanks to my friends at CanvasRebel Magazine, one of my favorite interviews dropped in January.

In the interview, I give a glimpse into who I am as a songwriter, author, and podcast host, unveil my journey to signing with my literary agent, share the most rewarding thing about being a songwriter and author, and more. I can’t thank CanvasRebel Magazine enough for inviting me to be part of their wonderful platform. You can read my interview here.

Speaking of interviews, I have several scheduled over the next few weeks. I can’t wait to share those too when the time comes.

Things Are Happening in Author Land

Author land is an exciting place right now, so I have lots of updates.

First, I’m currently doing another revision of my Little Red Riding Hood reimagining to get it ready for submission. I had a fabulous chat with my agent to discuss edits and plans to go on sub soon. This book is a piece of my heart, so I’m pouring everything I have into my revision. While querying, I dreamed of finding an agent who loved my book enough to represent me. Since that dream came true, I’m hopeful my story will be paired with its perfect editor one day.

Since I drafted this book during NaNoWriMo in 2022 and I signed with my agent exactly a year later during November of 2023, I got the opportunity to share my journey to literary representation for NaNoWriMo’s blog. Last July, my first article for the blog spotlighted five tips for NaNoWriMo first-timers. Getting the chance to write a second article about how NaNoWriMo played a role in making one of my biggest author dreams come true was very special. I also shared lessons I’ve learned that I hope will inspire others who take the challenge. You can read it on the blog here.

Also, one of my resolutions this year is to write short stories and submit them to anthologies. I’m excited to share that I wrote two stories this month. After dedicating all of last year to my books, it was a nice change to write short stories and allow myself to step outside my comfort zone. I hope these stories find homes one day, and I’m looking forward to writing another one in February.

Along with all this, I’m preparing to launch my editorial services and publishing podcast soon. For now, I won’t share many details, since there’s still a lot that needs to be sorted, but I’m very excited and hope to share more news in February.

My Word of 2024

Last year, my word of the year was patience. I couldn’t have picked a better word for 2023. I’ve definitely become a more patient person, since I focused on this all year. Now, 2024 is here, which means it’s time for a new word.

I’m excited to share my word of 2024 is adventurous.

This year, I want to embrace adventure. Being in creative industries, there will always be room to learn and grow. In the past, some of my most magical experiences came from putting myself out there. People always say you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, and that’s so true. Through taking more risks, stepping outside my comfort zone, and not being afraid to explore and try new things, I’m hoping I become more fearless and creative in 2024. I’m ready to be adventurous!

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

The amount of secrets I’m keeping right now is wild. From working on projects behind the scenes to having to stay quiet about some things for various reasons, so much is happening. I hope I’ll get to share news soon, but for now, I’ll try not to burst from excitement and suspense.

On that note, January was golden. I couldn’t have had a more perfect start to my 2024. Here’s to more magic to come in February!