Summer’s in Full Swing – June 2021 Wrap

June has come and gone, and it was incredible. So many exciting things happened this month. I’m excited to recap all the June memories.

The June Interviews and Features

First, June kicked off with BuzzMusic sharing a fabulous review and my interview for “Will I Ever.” I truly love the review they gave “Will I Ever.” Their kind words are so thoughtful and capture the song in a meaningful way. Also, in my interview, I share the story behind “Will I Ever,” the creative process, the best piece of advice I’ve been given, and more. Read the review and interview here.

Also, BuzzMusic shared another spotlight article after the main “Will I Ever” feature. This one definitely put a smile on my face. Read the article here.

Next, Jess included “Will I Ever” as one of twenty song recommendations from May 2021 on her blog, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution. Jess was the first one to ever feature me on a blog, and her support means so much. She’s become a great friend in the music industry. Check out the full list of song recommendations from May here.

June brought some podcast interviews. I had such a fun time being a guest on the Garrett Smith Podcast. Garrett is so kind, and this is definitely one of my favorite interviews I’ve done. I talk about what I’m working on in the studio, my music influences, which songs mean the most to me, my dream venue to perform at, and so much more. Listen to my interview here.

Also, I did a podcast interview with Produced by a Girl for “Will I Ever.” I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to share “Will I Ever” in such an open and vulnerable way. You can listen to my interview on Spotify. It’s also available on all other podcast platforms.

Last but certainly not least, my interview with the Cross Border Interview Podcast was released. One of the coolest things about this interview is that I recorded it in April. It’s common for podcast and radio interviews to drop weeks after they’re recorded. So, I really enjoyed listening back to this interview because so much has happened since recording it. You can listen to my interview on Spotify. It’s also available on all other podcast platforms.

The Belles & Gals News

I’m so honored to be the newest member of the Belles & Gals team. What Belles & Gals does to support female country artists is truly incredible. As a team member, I’ll be interviewing artists and doing reviews. Since I have a passion for writing, this is a fantastic opportunity. 

Also, I was asked to perform during the Belles & Gals Summer Stream on June 19. This was the best way to be welcomed into the Belles & Gals family. I opened the stream with performances of “LA Will Wait for Me,” “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky,” and “Will I Ever.” My love for everyone in the UK is honestly endless. Watch the stream to see my performance and the other talented artists’ sets here.

Live Music is Back

I can’t believe I got out to play live in June. My first ever live performance was at Deer Lakes Bowl and Lounge. I played pop and country covers and originals on the outdoor stage. I played for three hours with two short breaks. Guess how many songs I performed? This is going to sound wild, but I played 46 songs! I memorized the setlist and didn’t hesitate once. I’ve never played guitar for such a long time, but my fingers and wrists survived! It was honestly such a fun night.

Demi Michelle on the Stage at Deer Lakes Bowl and Lounge

Also, I’m currently in Kirksville, Missouri, so what did I do? Book shows! I had a blast playing a two-hour set at Depot Inn & Suites on June 26. I really enjoyed playing at the hotel, and I’m looking forward to doing more shows there. 

Watch Demi Michelle’s performance of “Will I Ever” at Depot Inn & Suites

The June Chart Placements 

I’m so happy that “Will I Ever” is getting love on some charts. First, after debuting on the New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio in May at number 21, it’s been bouncing around the chart. It peaked at number 6, and at the end of the month, it climbed back into the top 10 at number 7. I seriously can’t believe how well “Will I Ever” did on the chart its first month since release. Also, I’m proud of how well “LA Will Wait for Me” performed. Before leaving the chart, it spent it’s final week at number 18. I’m proud of the success this song has gotten.

Next, “Will I Ever” is still on the Heart of Indie Radio Top 10. In June, it reached number 8, and during the last week of the month, it held on at number 10. I adore the whole team at Heart of Indie Radio, and their support means the absolute world to me.

All the Airplay 

June was full of incredible airplay. I want to thank all the shows and stations that played my music this month. I’m sending all my love to Heart of Indie Radio, Steve Garnett’s New Music Radio Show, Indie Afternoon, and New Music Radio Top 40 on Revival Radio, Unsigned with Paul Miles on the Beach Radio, the SW20 Country Music Show on SW20 Radio, Soul of Country on Radio New Wheels, Rays Country Rodeo on various stations, the Indie Fusion Show on Belter Radio, the Indie Jukebox on Radio-WIGWAM, and KB Radio Canada. A handful of these stations also added my songs to regular rotation, which is beyond awesome.

“LA Will Wait for Me” Passed 12,000 Streams on Spotify

“LA Will Wait for Me” is still doing amazing, even though it’s been three months since the song released. In June, LA passed 12,000 Spotify streams, which is just beyond ridiculous. I’m still blown away by the love this song continues to receive. Now that it’s summertime, LA is the perfect song to bop to. Get into a sunny, summer mood by streaming it on Spotify.

I’m so grateful for every opportunity presented to me in June. I’m sending all my love to everyone who is supporting me on my songwriting journey. I can’t wait for what July has to offer.