My First Studio Session of 2021

On Wednesday January 20, I had my first ten-hour studio session of 2021. It was such a blast as always.

What I Recorded

First, I started off by recording piano for a very special collaboration. A friend and I wrote a song last year, and I’m thrilled the recording process for it has started. Stay tuned for more details about the song later this year.

After that, I recorded my new pop song, “Perfectly Imperfect.” I started writing this song on New Year’s Eve and finished it on New Year’s Day. Bob, my producer, and I had such a fun time bringing this song to life. One of my favorite things about recording pop music is exploring a ton of different sounds and instruments. Recording vocals is always a fun time, too, because I get to add doubling, harmonies, and catchy backing vocals. I’m super excited for everyone to hear “Perfectly Imperfect.”

Finally, I wrapped up the session by singing “Happy Never After.” This is one of my country songs that I got guitar and drums on at the end of 2020. I’m glad I got to start recording vocals for this one. The plan is to finish it up in my next session.

The Vlog from the Studio Session

Are you eager to know what ten-hour sessions are like with me and Bob? I got you covered! You can watch the studio vlog from the session below. Bob and I get so much work done while still having lots of fun.

Watch the studio vlog for “Perfectly Imperfect” and “Happy Never After.”

Did you enjoy the studio vlog? I recorded one for my first session of 2020, too. In that session, I recorded “Can’t Get Over You” and “I Don’t Know Why.” You can watch the vlog here.

This year is going to be full of studio sessions. I can’t wait for what’s next!