“LA Will Wait for Me” – Behind the Lyrics

I’m so beyond excited that “LA Will Wait for Me” is out! This is such a special song to me, and it’s my first country-pop release. You can download and stream “LA Will Wait for Me” here.

The “LA Will Wait for Me” Behind the Lyrics Video

My co-writer, Madison Young, and I filmed a very special behind the lyrics video for “LA Will Wait for Me.” We talk about how we met and what inspired the song. Also, we each talk about what the song means to us and share our love for California. Even though LA is the special place we’re missing, Madison and I hope that everyone can find hope in “LA Will Wait for Me.” We’re all missing places right now, and this song is a reminder that one day, we’ll get to visit our favorite places again. My heart will always beat that golden rhythm, and hopefully soon, I’ll be home.

Watch the “LA Will Wait for Me” behind the lyrics video.

The Incredible Musicians Who Brought “LA Will Wait for Me” to Life

I would like to acknowledge the talented musicians behind the “LA Will Wait for Me” magic. First, thank you to my producer, Bob McCutcheon, for making the song sound incredible. I’m so lucky to have such a kind, funny, and talented producer to work with on all my music. Next, Luke Wood completely slayed guitar and bass. I couldn’t be happier to work with Luke in the studio. We have lots more songs coming! Also, huge thank you to Sophia Elliott for totally killing it on drums. Sophia has recorded drums for some of my other songs, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear.

I hope you enjoy “LA Will Wait for Me.” This is the first of many country songs I’ll be releasing. Thanks to this song, I’ve been welcomed into the country music community. Also, I’ve had so many amazing interviews that I’m grateful for. Now, close your eyes, hear the rush of the waves, and listen to “LA Will Wait for Me!”