“Find Love” Exclusive Drop and Interview on the Nashville Show on Heart of Indie Radio

I’m so grateful that I got to celebrate “Find Love” with an exclusive drop and interview on the Nashville Show on Heart of Indie Radio. I love my home station more than words. I’m so blessed to be a part of the team. I joined the family in July, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The exclusive drop of “Find Love” was an experience I’ll never forget. Special thank you to Captain Eddie, Emme Lentino, and our whole team at Heart of Indie Radio for making this happen for me!

My Interview on the Nashville Show

I had the most fun catching up with Eddie for my third Heart of Indie interview. I share a lot in my exclusive interview on the Nashville Show.

First, Eddie asks me about what I’ve been up to. I share that I’ve pretty much stayed in Pittsburgh, other than going to Missouri at the end of June and into July. I played some gigs when I was there. Also, I announce that I’ll be playing some nights again when I go back in September. I had so much fun playing live, so I’m really looking forward to doing that again.

Then, the interview moves into details about “Find Love.” Eddie asks me what inspired the song. I say that the song was inspired by an overall feeling, but what kicked it off was my sister’s wedding back in May of 2019. I started wondering if I’ll ever have a special day of my own. I think the wedding and the months that followed led me to begin writing “Find Love” later that summer in July. Also, I talk about why this song is so special to me. Unlike many of my other love songs, like “Will I Ever,” “Find Love” is hopeful. It doesn’t focus on loneliness, necessarily. It’s about me saying that I’m going to wait, however long it takes, to find someone and feel love and acceptance. So, this song is definitely a piece of my heart.

Next, Eddie asks me why I chose “Find Love” as the second single off my album, Dear Diary. A big decision making point for me was the fact that the song has a country flavor. My sound is definitely changing. When I started songwriting, I only wrote contemporary pop music, but now, I’m blending pop and country. So, “Find Love” is very representative of how I have pop roots, but I’m also exploring country music. As a songwriter and artist, I don’t want to necessarily put myself in a box and call my music one genre. I feel that my songs should be reflective of the message and how I’m feeling, so however that song comes out is how it comes out. “Find Love” happens to be acoustic-pop with a country flavor.

Tea time! Eddie gets me to spill some details about Dear Diary. First, I exclusively announce that the album will release October 15, and yes, as Eddie mentions, two weeks before Halloween. Also, I share that there are eleven songs on the album, and the last track is an acoustic version of “Will I Ever.”

The album tea isn’t the only tea I spill. When Eddie asks if I have anything else planned for 2021, I announce that I’ll be releasing my original country Christmas song, “Snow on Christmas Day.” I have a feeling Nashville will love this one! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I think I’m going to release a new original Christmas song every year to give back to the holiday season. As Eddie points out, maybe one day, I’ll have my own Christmas greatest hits album. We’ll see!

Finally, Eddie asks me to share details about Write on Track. I love the podcast so much, and I’ve gotten the chance to speak with so many fabulous guests on the show so far. My favorite thing about the podcast is that I have very genuine and honest conversations with my special guests. The episodes aren’t interview-based. I love how the show sounds like two people sitting down and having a conversation about anything related to songwriting and music. I truly love to hear my guests’ stories and perspectives. The conversations I’ve had so far changed my life, and they’re out there for the world to hear. More information about Write on Track can be found on the podcast page.

After I share all my socials, we wrap up the interview. Eddie has me announce “Find Love” for the first time, which plays right after the interview on the Nashville Show.

You can listen to my interview on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all other podcast platforms. Also, if you’d like to listen to the full Nashville Show, full of incredible music and the exclusive first play of “Find Love,” click here and enjoy the Nashville magic!

“Find Love” is Almost Here

It was such an honor to drop “Find Love” exclusively on the Nashville Show. The song will be out on August 20. I’m so excited for another musical page from Dear Diary to be yours.

I can’t thank Eddie and the rest of our team at Heart of Indie Radio enough for all their love and support. They truly made “Find Love” a single release I’ll never forget.