Christmas Festivities and More Memories – December 2021 Wrap

I can’t believe it’s the end of 2021. I’ve had an incredible year, and December was full of fun moments. I got to spread holiday cheer and more. Here are the highlights.

My Holly Jolly Christmas Special

I wanted to do something special for Christmas, so I decided to organize my very own Holly Jolly Christmas Special.

Holly Jolly Christmas Graphic

The show was a blast to do. I perform my original Christmas songs, my favorite Christmas songs, and traditional carols. Also, there are some fun moments along the way, like the three segments with my friend Captain Eddie from Heart of Indie Radio and my performance of “We Are Santa’s Elves.” I adore elves, so I couldn’t resist. This special is a festive mix of piano and guitar, new and old Christmas music, fun moments, and more. I loved doing this show, and you can watch it below.

Watch Demi Michelle’s Holly Jolly Christmas Special

This was so much fun. I’m definitely going to do something like this again next year.

Other Christmas Specials

I had the honor of being part of two fabulous Christmas specials, along with my Holly Jolly Christmas Special.

First, I performed “Snow on Christmas Day” for the Live in the Living Room Christmas Special. I love LITLR, so it was so incredible getting to be part of the episode. You can watch the show here.

Also, I had the closing spot in Heart of Indie Radio’s International Indie Christmas 2021. I performed a special medley of “All I Want This Christmas” and “Snow on Christmas Day.” You can watch the show here.

I’m so grateful I got to be part of both of their specials. I love Christmas music, so it’s special getting to perform my original Christmas songs. I already started writing my Christmas song to release next year.

The December Press and Features 

Since it’s the end of the year, things are winding down, but I still have a few fabulous features to share.

I made two incredible lists that my friend, Jess, from Fierce & Fabulous Revolution shared. First, “Will I Ever” was included in Fierce & Fabulous Revolution’s 100 song recommendations from 2021 here. “Will I Ever” is my favorite single so far, so it’s so special to see it included on the list. Second, “Snow on Christmas Day” was named one of twenty magical festive singles released during 2021 here. So many incredible holiday songs were released this year, so seeing mine chosen for this list is such an honor. I’m so grateful for all the support Jess continues to show me and my music.

Also, I got to participate in such a fun episode of Little Known Tracks. Sydney and Alex were two of the first people who invited me on a podcast. I had such a fun time being interviewed on their show, so it was a blast to be part of their special episode, Vol 1. Wrap Up, to celebrate their first season of the show. I got to ask them some questions and help them celebrate all they have achieved so far. This was such a fun opportunity, and I’m excited to watch their show continue to grow. As a podcaster myself, I love supporting others in the podcast industry.

I had so many unbelievable opportunities this year. I’m so grateful for every single person who featured me on a blog, podcast, radio show, and other platforms this year.

Andrea Stolpe’s 30 Minute Songwriter Course

After I got home from Nashville last month, I signed up for Andrea Stolpe’s new course, the 30 Minute Songwriter. It started at the end of November and ran through December, right up until a couple days before Christmas. In the course, I watched a video each day and completed an assignment to post in the course for my classmates to see and to interact with others’ posts. 

I can’t put into words how outstanding this course was. I’ve done a lot with Andrea since August of 2020, and this course completely blew my mind. I have grown so much as a writer in 30 days. Getting to focus on specific tools and complete practical assignments to use those tools taught me so much. I can’t wait to take all I learned and bring it into my songwriting in the new year. 

During the course, I’ve come up with so many incredible titles and song concepts. I have documents of sensory writing and fragments of song ideas. I even wrote full drafts of songs. The material I’ve gathered throughout the course is making me so excited to go back through all of my work and continue developing some of the ideas I came up with.

I’m so beyond glad I decided to take this course. What a perfect way to end 2021. Here’s to writing more amazing songs next year.

I can’t believe this is my last monthly wrap of 2021. These have been so much fun to put together. I feel like by doing these each month, I’ve gotten consistent reminders of how my hard work and dedication are paying off. I’m definitely going to continue doing these wraps in 2022.

December was full of fun and rewarding moments. 2021 couldn’t have ended on a more perfect note.