A Little Pop, A Little Country – My 2020 Studio Wrap

2020 was a rollercoaster ride, and my music even took some unexpected turns. At the beginning of the year, I considered myself a pop songwriter. Now, I’m a pop and country songwriter. Who could’ve guessed? Definitely, not me. There was something about the uncertainty of 2020 that led me to explore country music, and I even started recording my country songs. Despite the wildness of the year, I’m grateful that I was able to continue writing and recording music. Here’s a wrap of my studio sessions this year.

Pop All the Way Before Lockdown 

The beginning of 2020 was just like any other year. So, of course, I was completely living in pop land. My first session of the year was on February 4. In the session, my producer, Bob, and I had a blast working on two of my pop songs, “Can’t Get Over You” and “I Don’t Know Why.” Are you curious about what a ten hour studio session is like? Watch my vlog from this session below. From exploring sounds for “Can’t Get Over You” to forgetting my own lyrics to “I Don’t Know Why,” this video captures it all.

Watch the studio vlog for “Can’t Get Over You” and “I Don’t Know Why.”

Back to the Studio in July

After months of being in quarantine and unable to record, due to my studio being closed, I finally got back to my happy place for two sessions in July. Before lockdown, I only had one more album song to record, but what happens when a songwriter is stuck at home for months? I’m sure you know the answer to that. Let’s just say I was beyond stoked to record again.

On July 8, I started recording some new pop songs. First, “Obvious” came to life, and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. If you ever wondered if songwriters jam to their own songs, I’m here to confirm that, yes, 100 percent, we do.

I was still floating on clouds the day after I recorded it.

During the session, I also started recording “Nobody Like Me,” another super fun album song.

On July 26, I recorded “Find Love.” This song had such a long journey. When I originally wrote it in the summer of 2019, it was a pop song. After listening to a lot of country music, I completely rewrote the song. For the most part, the lyrics stayed the same, but I changed the key, melody, chord progression, and everything. Since “Find Love” is the last song on the album’s tracklist, I wanted it to have some pop production while also having country elements to signify the direction I’m taking some of my new music. This is such a special song to me, and I was super lucky to have my guitarist, Luke, play guitar on the song. I’m here to confirm that it sounds amazing!

Also, I started “Since I Met You,” which is a favorite of mine. It’s super pop and was a lot of fun to work on.

This session highlights what’s in store for my future music. I’ll always write pop music, but I’m also embracing my newfound love for country.

That Moment When I Finished Recording My Pop Album

After ten months of writing and recording my pop album, I sang my last note on August 22. In the session, I recorded backing vocals for “Nobody Like Me” and finished “Since I Met You.” I tied the bow on recording for the album when the session ended. It was definitely one wild moment when it hit me that all the album songs were recorded.

Here’s a photo of me and Bob after the session.

Demi and Bob in the Vault Recording Studio.

Ending 2020 on a Country Note

Finally, I got back to the studio on December 9 to start five new songs. Some are more pop with a little country, and others are way more country. The point is, I’ve been blending both genres and having lots of fun growing as a songwriter. Part of me thinks I was meant to write country music all along. I love songs that tell a story, and when I finally let myself stop and think about it, my lyrics have more of a country quality to them. 

During the session, I couldn’t have been more excited to start these songs with Luke, who completely slayed guitar and bass. One of the songs, “LA Will Wait For Me,” which I co-wrote with a friend, is going to be a single next year. The others, “It’s All Me,” “Paradise,” “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky,” and “Happy Never After,” will most likely be released in an EP at some point. These are some of my most vulnerable songs, and I’m excited for the world to hear them.

Here’s a photo of me and Luke from the session.

Demi and Luke in the Vault Recording Studio.

A week after the session, I hopped on Facetime with Bob and Sophia, a fabulous drummer, to get drums on “LA Will Wait For Me,” “I Hope You Know You’re Lucky,” and “Happy Never After.” The songs sound fantastic already, and I’m so excited to record vocals for them next year. Also, did I mention I was all cozy in my pajamas while I listened to the drums being recorded? I’m not bragging, but what better way to wrap up my 2020 sessions?

Next year is going to be full of more unforgettable sessions. As of now, I have a new pop song, a country song, and two Christmas songs ready to be recorded, along with wrapping up the songs I started. Stay tuned for more studio stories. I hope you have a bright new year!